Speakers and Papers Read Before The Club

(And Its Predecessor Clubs)
The Lawyers Club (2000-current)


September 29. HON. DAVID F. HAMILTON, U.S. Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

October 20. JAMES LINDLEY WILSON, University of Chicago Political Science Professor.

February 2. DAVID L. CARDEN, Resolving Disputes from the Perspective of a Lawyer, a Diplomat and a Mediator.

March 3. Theater in Chicago: Past, Present and Future (THE GOODMAN THEATRE).

May 4. JOSEPH D. KEARNEY and THOMAS W. MERRILL, Authors of Lakefront: Public Trust and Private Rights in Chicago.

May 26. CHIEF JUDGE TIMOTHY C. EVANS, Circuit Court of Cook County.


September 9. HON. ANNE M. BURKE, Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice.

October 15. Best-Selling Author, SCOTT TUROW.

December 10. DR. DAVID A. ANSELL, Author of The Death Gap: How Inequality Kills.

December 17. MELISSA ISAACSON, Author of State: A Team, a Triumph, a Transformation.

January 21. ROB PARAL, Political Restricting in Metro Chicago: What Can We Expect?

February 18. JILL WINE-BANKS, Author of The Watergate Girl.

March 24. HON. JED S. RAKOFF, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York.

April 13. ERWIN CHEMERINSKY, Constitutional Law Scholar and Dean of Berkeley Law.

May 18. CONOR FRIEDERSDORF, Staff Writer for The Atlantic.

June 22. GEOFFREY R. STONE, University of Chicago Law Professor.


September 19. PARIS SCHULTZ, WTTW “Chicago Tonight” Correspondent and Segment Host.

October 16. PROFESSOR BARBARA RISMAN, Where the Millennials Will Take Us – A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure.

November 14. Public Housing in Chicago: A Moderated Discussion with BEN AUSTEN and ALEX POLIKOFF.

January 16. Public Official A (Rod Blagojevich), With Reporter and Host DAVE McKINNEY, Managing Director KEVIN DAWSON, and Producer COLIN McNULTY.

February 20. DANIEL COTTER, Author of The Chief Justices.

June 18. JEFFREY GETTLEMAN, New York Times South Asia Bureau Chief.


September 12. Vintage Chicago. A private tour of LOEB & LOEB LLP’s historic Chicago photography collection.

October 2. Northwestern University President MORTON SCHAPIRO.

November 14. The School-to-Prison Pipeline. A discussion with Loyola University professors MIRANDA JOHNSON and PAMELA FENNING.

January 24. Author DANIEL KAY HERTZ discussing his book “The Battle of Lincoln Park.”

February 13. Author LEISL OLSON discussing her book “Chicago Renaissance.”

March 19. Seventh Circuit Judge DIANE SYKES discussing judicial federalism.

April 11. The People v. Officer Jason Van Dyke. A discussion with prosecutor JOSEPH MCMAHON and defense attorney DANIEL HERBERT.

May 2. University of Chicago philosophy professor MARTHA NUSSBAUM discusses her book “The Monarchy of Fear.”

September 19. WTTW “Chicago Tonight” Correspondent and Segment Host Paris Schutz

October 16. Professor Barbara Risman: Where the Millennials Will Take Us – A New Generation Wrestles With the Gender Structure

November 14. Public Housing in Chicago: A Moderated Discussion with Ben Austen and Alex Polikoff


September 19. Art in the Gilded Age. A private tour of the DRIEHAUS MUSEUM.

October 6. Ethics and Emoluments in the White House. A discussion with University of Minnesota Law Professor RICHARD PAINTER.

November 14. Criminal Justice Reform panel discussion featuring Georgetown University Law Professor SHON HOPWOOD and attorney JARRETT ADAMS.

January 24. WBEZ journalist NATALIE MOORE discussing her book “The South Side: A Portrait Chicago and American Segregation.”

March 6. UCLA law professor ADAM WINKLER discussing his book “We The Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights.”

April 4. Saving the Sun-Times: Off the Record with EDWIN EISENDRATH.

June 21. University of Chicago President ROBERT ZIMMER.


September 11. Lawyers Club of Chicago, Loyola University Chicago School of Law and the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago present a Chicago Tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia. Keynote address: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

October 26. Insider Account of Iranian-United States Relations. SEYED HOSSEIN MOUSAVIAN (Professional Specialist at the Program on Science and Global Security).

November 15. Lunch and conversation with Christopher Kennedy discussing challenges of financing public education. CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY (former Chairman of Board of Trustees of University of Illinois).

January 24. University of Illinois Law Professor SUJA THOMAS discussing Restoring the Constitutional Role of the American Jury.

March 8. CHRISTINE DUDLEY, Director of the Film Office of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity discussing the tax benefits of film producers filming in Illinois.

May 5. DAVID LAT, founder and Managing Editor of Above the Law, a legal website that looks at the behind-the scenes of the world of law.

June 27. EDWARD McCLELLAND, author, discussing how the current political climate is affecting workers in the Rust Belt.


September 27. Managing the City’s Legal Risk and Reducing Costs. STEPHEN PATTON (City of Chicago Corporation Counsel)

October 23. A Conversation with Illinois Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman. HON. RITA GARMAN (Chief Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

November 12. A Conversation with Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts. TOM RICKETTS (Chicago Cubs Chairman)

January 26. A Conversation with Judge Richard Posner About His New Book, “Divergent Paths”. HON. RICHARD POSNER (Judge, US Court of Appeals

February 18. A Tour of the Art Collection at the Union League Club.

April 5. A Conversation with Judge Abner Mikva and Newton Minow about the Supreme Court, presidential politics and the role of the media in politics, moderated by Samuel Skinner.

May 25. An Agenda for Police Reform: Lessons Learned from Youth/Police Encounters. CRAIG FUTTERMAN (Clinical Professor of Law, U of Chicago Law School)


September 25. Reflections on the First Year as Chief Judge. JUDGE RUBÉN CASTILLO (Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

October 22. The Role of the Media in Our Justice System. ERIC ZORN (Chicago Tribune Columnist).

November 18. Enrique’s Journey: A Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother. SONIA NAZARIO (Award-Winning and Bestselling Author).

January 14. An Evening with Two Distinguished Jurists: A Story About How Education and Perseverance Can Overcome Racial and Socioeconomic Barriers. HON. ARLANDER KEYS AND HON. DAVID COAR.

February 26. Violent Crime and Community Trust in Chicago. ZACHARY FARDON (United States Attorney, Northern District of Illinois).

April 16. A Discussion about Title IX. RICHARD EPSTEIN (Professor, University of Chicago Law School)

May 12. The March of Democracy in the Middle East: The Arab Uprising of 2011 and Its Aftermath. DR. NABEEL KHOURI (Professor of Middle East Studies; Former Director of the Near East South Asia Office of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence).

June 23. The Lack of Justice in Our Justice System. SHERIFF THOMAS DART (Cook County Sheriff).


September 9. Highlights of the 2012-2013 Supreme Court Term. JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

October 7. ROCKWELL “ROCKY” WIRTZ (President of Wirtz Corporation and Chairman of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks)

November 12. The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in Crisis. STEVEN J. HARPER (Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University)

January 15. FATHER MICHAEL PFLEGER (Pastor of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina)

February 19. JAMES FINN GARNER (Satirist and Bestselling Author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories)

March 5. An Outing to see BUZZER at the Goodman Theatre

April 23. The Increasing Challenge of Pro Se Litigants. JUDGE DIANE WOOD (Chief Judge, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals)

May 27. The Cognitive Neuroscience of True, False & Imaginary Memories. CRAIG E. L. STARK, Ph.D. (Professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Director of the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory)

July 1. U.S. Senator Mark Kirk


September 19. The Arab Spring and its Consequences. PROFESSOR M. CHERIF BASSIOUNI (Emeritus Professor of Law at DePaul University and the President Emeritus of the International Human Rights Law Institute)

October 16. Democracy and Political Ignorance. PROFESSOR ILYA SOMIN (George Mason University School of Law)

November 20. The Oath. JEFFREY TOOBIN (lawyer, author and legal analyst for CNN and The New Yorker)

January 15. The Interrupters: We Can End the Violence. DR. GARY SLUTKIN, M.D (Founder and Executive Director of Cure Violence, formerly known as Cease Fire)

February 19. Bailout: How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street. NEIL M. BAROFSKY (Special Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program)

March 13. Head Games: How Much of You are You Willing to Lose for a Game? DR. STEVE DEVICK (Executive Producer)

April 9. Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts. JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

April 26. Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court. JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR (Former Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

May 21. Does the Constitution Have What It Takes to Keep Up with Modern America. PETER SAGAL (Host, Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me)

June 26. DAVID AXELROD (Political Strategist and Advisor to the President)


September 20. The Future of Legal Education. DEAN DAVID N. YELLEN (Loyola University of Chicago School of Law)

October 26. Legal Issues in the Sports Industry: The Good, the Bad and the Illegal. LESTER MUNSON (Sports Law Journalist, ESPN)

November 30. The Dagger of the Assassin was Concealed Beneath the Robe of the Jurist – Nazi Lawyers and the Holocaust. PROFESSOR HARRY REICHER (Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School)

February 15. Race, a play by David Mamet. Goodman Theatre.

April 3. The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America. ADAM WINKLER (Professor UCLA Law School)

April 25. Social Networks and the Death of Privacy. LORI ANDREWS (Professor, Chicago-Kent Law School)


September 27. The Lehman Case. ANTON VALUKAS (Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Partner, Jenner & Block)

November 16. New Financial Reform Laws. PROFESSOR DAVID S. RUDER (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law)

December 1. PATRICK J. FITZGERALD (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois)

January 20. The War on Terror. MICHAEL B. MUKASEY (Former United States Attorney General and U.S. District Court Judge)

February 23. The Warmth of Other Suns: A Chronicle of the Migration of African-Americans from the South to Northern Cities. ISABEL WILKERSON (Former Bureau Chief for NY Times; Professor of Journalism, Boston University)


May 11. The Roberts Court in Context: Public Opinion and the Supreme Court. LINDA GREENHOUSE (Supreme Court expert and author)

June 15. What Does Today’s E-Mail Culture Have to Do With the Gulf Oil Spill? FRED BARTLIT (Founding Partner, Bartlit & Beck)


September 23. Responding to the Economic Crisis. HON. RICHARD A. POSNER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

October 19. The Centennial of Burnham Plan. DENNIS MCCLENDON, EDWARD K. UHLIR and ADELE SIMPSON

November 19. Lessons from the GM and Chrysler Bankruptcies. PROF. DOUGLAS G. BAIRD (Professor, University of Chicago School of Law)

January 1. Diversity. GLORIA SANTONA (General Counsel, McDonalds Corp.)

February 4. Fighting Slavery in Chicago. THOMAS CAMPBELL (Partner, Baker & McKenzie)

March 4. The New American Economy. BRUCE BARTLETT (Economic Historian)

April 1. Executive Compensation. NELL MINOW & DAVID YERMACK

August 28. Original Intent as a Method of Constitutional Interpretation: A Debate. GEOFFREY R. STONE (Professor, University of Chicago School of Law) and STEVEN G. CALABRESI (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law)

May 25. The Challenge to Proposition 8 in California. THEODORE B. OLSON (Former U.S. Solicitor General; Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher)

June 23. CLARENCE PAGE (Columnist, Chicago Tribune)


September 17. GARRISON KEILLOR (Author and Humorist)

October 30. MARK FILIP (Former Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department Of Justice)

November 19. Entertainment Law, the Real World. JEFFREY JACOBS (Former President and General Counsel of Harpo Studios)

January 25. Questions and Answers on Current Events. CAROL MARIN (Political Editor Chicago Sun-Times and NBC5 News)

February 18. JESSE JACKSON, JR. (U.S. Representative, Second Congressional District of Illinois)

March 9. First 100 Days. ANITA M. ALVAREZ (Cook County State’s Attorney)

April 2. HON. THOMAS R. FITZGERALD (Chief Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

May 28. EMANUEL CLEAVER II (U.S. Representative, Fifth Congressional District of Missouri)

June 15. The Supreme Court, The Personality and Rivalries that Define America. JEFFREY ROSEN (Professor, George Washington University School of Law)


September 28. Challenges in Reading Statutes. HON. FRANK H. EASTERBROOK (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

October 16. Islam, Muslims, and the Current Global Context: Ten Things a Thinking Person Should Consider. SCOTT C. ALEXANDER (Associate Professor of Islam, Catholic Theological Union)

November 28. PATRICK G. RYAN (Founder and Former Executive Chairman of Aon Corporation, Chairman and CEO of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid Committee)

January 28. Head and Heart: American Christianities. GARRY WILLS (Pulitzer Prize-winning author, historian and professor emeritus at Northwestern University)

February 27. CHERYLE JACKSON (President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League)

April 16. Outside Counsel: Friend or Foe? JAMES H. WOOTEN, JR. (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Illinois Tool Works, Inc.)

May 1. JUSTICE SAMUEL ALITO (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

June 10. Annual Meeting. CAPITOL STEPS.


September 27. Life on the Supreme Court: Reflections by its Newest Justice. HON. ANNE M. BURKE (Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

October 25. Ethical Leadership in a Global Environment – the Changing Role of Corporate Counsel. SUSAN LICHTENSTEIN (Corporate Vice President and General Counsel of Baxter International, Inc.)

November 14. Dramatic Developments in the Exchange Business in Chicago, New York and Outside the United States. WILLIAM J. BRODSKY (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Board Options Exchange)

January 25. Debate Regarding Whether the Constitution Applies in Times of Crisis. HON. RICHARD A. POSNER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit) and GEOFFREY R. STONE (Professor, University of Chicago Law School)

February 27. How Public Companies Like the Tribune Are Responding to Today’s Changing Market and Financial Climate. CRANE H. KENNEY (Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the Tribune Company)

March 22. The Repatriation of Foreign Art and Things You May Not Have Known About the Art Institute of Chicago. JAMES CUNO (President of the Art Institute of Chicago) and ELOISE W. MARTIN (Director of the Art Institute)

April 17. What Does the Chief Judge Really Do? HON. JAMES F. HOLDERMAN (Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

May 30. Annual Meeting. MID-DAY CLUB. The iO Road Show.


October 11. Pre-War Intelligence Efforts and International Justice. HON. PATRICIA WALD (Retired, U.S. Court of Appeals)

November 15. The Death Penalty on Trial. BILL KURTIS (Author, Journalist and Producer)

February 1. The Role of the Courts. HON. ROBERT THOMAS (Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

March 14. Fascinating Aspects of Chicago and Hidden Gems That Are Not Widely Known. GARY T. JOHNSON (President, The Chicago History Museum)

April 27. Troubling Medical-Legal Issues: When Politics, Litigation and Healthcare Collide, JOY V. CUNNINGHAM (Senior VP and General Counsel, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare)

May 10. Change and the Supreme Court, LINDA GREENHOUSE (Reporter, New York Times)

June 6. Annual Meeting. FAIRWAYS


September 29. The Academy Awards in the Courtroom. DONALD F. KEMPF (Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Morgan Stanley)

October 27. Reflections on Ten Years on the Federal Bench and Five Years as a United States Sentencing Commissioner. HON. RUBEN CASTILLO (Judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District, Illinois)

November 10. Global Law. JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

February 2. What Are We Trying to Achieve? – Objectives and the Profession. RODERICK PALMORE (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Sara Lee Corporation)

March 21. Reflections of a Journalist Including Being Kidnapped in Iraq. JEFFREY GETTLEMAN (Reporter, New York Times)

April 6. Education and Other Challenges Facing Chicago. RICHARD M. DALEY (Mayor, City of Chicago)

June 8. Annual Meeting. THE SECOND CITY


October 21. It Wasn’t Just the Accountants. KAYLA GILLAN (Founding Member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and Former General Counsel to CalPERS, the nation’s largest pension fund)

November 12. Issues Facing the Attorney General’s Office. LISA MADIGAN (Illinois Attorney General)

February 4. Counselor, Defender, Informer? The Changing Role of Inside Counsel. ANDREA ZOPP (Former General Counsel, Sears Roebuck & Co.)

March 10. Issues Facing the Federal Judiciary. HON. JOEL M. FLAUM (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

April 14. The Innocence Revolution: Re-Assessing the Criminal Justice System in the Wake of Recent Exonerations of Death Row Inmates. LARRY MARSHALL (Northwestern University Law School – Center for Wrongful Convictions)

June 8. Annual Meeting. CAPITOL STEPS


October 29. The Administration of Justice in the Illinois Courts, HON. MARY ANN MCMORROW (Chief Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

November 13. The Corporate Lawyer’s Role in Monitoring Management Misconduct. DAVID RUDER (Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Professor, Northwestern Law School)

February 26. Political Leadership. HON. PAUL SIMON (Former U.S. Senator)

March 25. Issues Confronting the U.S. Attorney’s Office. PATRICK FITZGERALD (U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois)

April 30. International Law and the Military Action in Iraq, and the Prospects for Post-Conflict Justice, M. CHERIF BASSIOUNI (DePaul University College of Law, President of International Human Rights Law Institute)



October 3. Parting Thoughts from the Federal Prosecutor. SCOTT LASSAR (Outgoing United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Partner, Sidley Austin LLP)

November 5. The Post-September 11 Imperative – Old Issues Revisited, New Issues Defined. CHRISTINE A. EDWARDS (Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Bank One Corporation)

February 4. Still Learning About Lincoln. DOUGLAS L. WILSON (Lincoln Studies Center – Knox College; Author, Honor’s Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln)

March 6. Why Advertising Must Re-Invent Itself. JOE CAPPO (Senior Vice President – International & Licensing; Columnist, Crain Communications, Inc.)

April 9. Challenges Facing Cook County’s Chancery Division. HON. DOROTHY KIRIE KINNAIRD (Presiding Judge, Chancery Division, Circuit Court of Cook County)

May 20. Reflections of a Former Congressman. JOHN EDWARD PORTER (Former U.S. Congressman, Tenth District of Illinois)

June 11. Annual Meeting. SHOREACRES GOLF CLUB


October 10. HON. KENNETH W. STARR (Former Independent Counsel, Solicitor General, and United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Circuit; Partner, Kirkland & Ellis)

November 6. ADAM COHEN and ELIZABETH TAYLOR (Co-Authors, American Pharoah – Mayor Richard J. Daley – His Battle For Chicago And The Nation)

December 4. Is Higher Education a Business? DON MICHAEL RANDEL (President, University of Chicago)

February 6. HON. ANN C. WILLIAMS (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

March 13. Discussion of His Company’s Website. JOHN B. HENRY II (Founder and Chief Executive Officer – eLawForum Corporation)

April 24. Florida 2000 – Litigating for the Presidency. PHILIP S. BECK (Founding Partner of Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott)

June 12. Annual Meeting. SHOREACRES GOLF CLUB


February 9. JOHN CALLAWAY (Former WTTW/Channel 11 Broadcast Journalist)

March 7. RITA FRY (Cook County Public Defender)

April 12. WILLIAM WELD (Former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

May 23. Annual Meeting. SHOREACRES GOLF CLUB

The Law Club (1883-1999)


February 3. The Racial Divide in the United States: The View From Across the River. ALEX KOTLOWITZ

March 16. Ten Innocent Men on Death Row in Illinois. ROB WARDEN and LAWRENCE C. MARSHALL

April 7. Legal Services – What are the Accountants Up To? JOSEPH J. TAPAJNA. Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.


June 15. Annual Meeting. SHOREACRES GOLF CLUB

October 13. Discussion of his “We Can Do Better” article which appeared in ABA Litigation Section’s Litigation Magazine. HON. ROBERT W. GETTLEMAN (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois). Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

November 9. Discussion of his New Novel, Personal Injuries. SCOTT TUROW. Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

December 8. DANIEL R. FISCHEL (Dean, The University of Chicago Law School)


February 4. In Pursuit of Competition and Growth; Lessons Learned. RICHARD NOTEBAERT





October 7. FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE, O.M.I. Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

November 4. JOHN W. ROWE



February 5. A. Lincoln, Esq. in Chicago. CULLOM DAVIS

March 3. JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court). Joint meeting with the Legal Club.

April 2. HENRY J. HYDE


June 10. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB

October 7. DANIEL PETROCELLI. Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

November 5. The Status of Chicago’s Education Renaissance. GERY J. CHICO

December 3. Moment of Truth for the Legal Profession. SOL LINOWITZ (Co-Founder of Xerox; Ambassador to the Organization of American States)


February 7. How Many Legal Professions Do We Have? Thoughts about the Bench, the Bar and the University. HON. DIANE P. WOOD (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

March 6. The Securities Markets in the Late 1990’s. ALGER B. CHAPMAN.

April 2. Criminal Justice: Acquiring Speed, Finality and Justice. HON. JOHN H. MCCLUSLEY.

May 8. Foreign Policy and Presidential Politics. JAMES F. HOGE, JR.

June 11. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF COURSE

September 25. What Should We Expect of Our Universities? HUGO F. SONNENSCHEIN.

October 22. The Answers to Your Supreme Court Questions. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

December 4. Current Justice Department Issues and Initiatives. JOHN R. SCHMIDT.


January 11. The Exchange of the Future. JACK SANDNER.

February 1. Abandoned in the Wasteland: Children, Television and the First Amendment. NEWTON MINOW.

March 8. Time to Think Again: Women and Legal Education. JANE LARSON.

April 5. When Higher Laws, Other Laws, and Law Laws Collide: The Implications of Fundamentalisms Here and Abroad. MARTIN E. MARTY.

May 2. The Legal Profession: A Client’s Perspective. RICHARD L. THOMAS.

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF COURSE

September 20. Challenges to Higher Education in the Future: Perspectives of a New President. HENRY BIENEN.

October 17. JUSTICE STEPHEN G. BREYER (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court). Joint Meeting with the Legal Club.

December 5. The O.J. Simpson Trial. ROGER COSSACK.


January 5. ADR in the 21st Century: A Court-Less Future. HON. ANN CLAIRE WILLIAMS (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

February 2. The Securities Markets 1994 – Advice to the S.E.C. DAVID S. RUDER (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law and former Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commmission).

March 9. The Fight for NAFTA. WILLIAM M. DALEY.

April 6. Leading Tomorrow’s Workforce. LYNN MARTIN.

May 4. Speculation and Politics. ROBERT KUSTRA.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB

October 5. The 90’s – A Decade of Change in Government and Business. SAMUEL K. SKINNER.

November 1. Discussion of Various Issues of Current Importance to the City. RICHARD M. DALEY (Mayor, City of Chicago)


January 5. War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity: Prospects For Enforcement. M. CHERIF BASSIOUNI

February 3. A View From Two Benches. HON. ILANA DIAMOND ROVNER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

March 3. The Changing of the Guard. LLOYD N. CUTLER.

April 7. Confronting Violence in the New World Order. HON. WILLIAM H. WEBSTER.

May 5. North American Free Trade and American Politics. PATRICK J. LUCEY.

June 15. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB


January 7. Sex and Reason – Between the Covers of Judge Posner’s New Book. HON. RICHARD A. POSNER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

February 5. Surviving in the Securities Business: A Lesson for Law Firms? EDGAR A. JANNOTTA.

March 4. The Legitimacy of the Legal Profession. GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, JR. (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).

April 1. From Harvard to Here: How Did a Nice Guy Like Me …. PETER C.B. BYNOE.

May 6. One Career in One Lifetime? Boring!!! JEAN ALLARD.

June 9. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB

October 5. The Baffling Case of Jeffrey Dahmer: The Insanity Defense. GERALD C. BOYLE.

November 4. The Election: The View From Here. WILLIAM PROXMIRE (United States Senator)


January 8. The Lawyers’ Assistance Program: Ten Years of Lawyers Helping Lawyers. MICHAEL J. HOWLETT, JR.

February 6. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the 1990’s. FRED L. FOREMAN (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois)

March 6. The Future of Electricity. JAMES J. O’CONNOR.

April 3. Controversy in the Museum. WILLARD L. BOYD.

May 1. Bulgaria: The Struggle For Justice. HON. MARVIN E. ASPEN (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

June ll. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 2. School Reform: It Will Work If…. WILLIAM S. SINGER.

November 6. Salvadoran Army on Trial. DOUGLASS W. CASSEL, JR.


January 16. The Coming Struggle For Control of the Legal Profession. GEORGE W. OVERTON.

February 20. Commentary on Gubernatorial Politics in the Context of Our State’s Fiscal Affairs. DOUGLAS L. WHITLEY.

March 20. CLE—The Illinois Experience, and Tomorrow? CHARLES C. BINGAMAN.

April 17. The Future(s) of Chicago as a Financial Risk Management Center. LEO MELAMED.

May 15. Whatever Has Happened to the Practice of Law? ANTON R. VALUKAS.

June 12. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 3. The Tradition of the Law. HON. WILLIAM BAUER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit).

November 7. Populism and Political Paralysis: 1990 Elections. DONALD HAIDER.


February 22. Dealing With Troubled Financial Institutions. A. ROBERT ABBOUD.

March 22. A Lawyer Looks at “A National Strategy”. MORRIS I. LEIBMAN.

April 18. Is All This Lender Liability Stuff For Real? HELEN DAVIS CHAITMAN.

May 17. State Government’s Role in a Changing World. JIM EDGAR (Illinois Secretary of State)

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB

October 17. On the Road to Springfield. HON. JOHN J. STAMOS.

November 21. Why Has the American Law Profession Sold Out to Become Tradesmen? PETER MEGARGEE BROWN.


February 24. Pennzoil v. Texaco: How Did It Happen and What Does It Mean. JOHN L. JEFFERS.

March 25. Changes in the Court. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court)

April 19. Election vs. Selection: Who Should Judge the Judges? HON. THOMAS J. MORAN.

May 11. Reflections of a Fisherman. MAX E. WILDMAN.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 13. From Castro to Lennon and Beyond: Practicing “Law” in the Nation’s Capitol. E. BARRETT PRETTYMAN, JR.

November 10. Chicago River’s North Bank: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. CHARLES R. GARDNER.

December 7. Glasnost in Chicago: Risk Reduction Centers and the Threat of Nuclear War. RALPH EARLE, II and LEM A. MASTERKOV (Ambassadors)


February 25. Should the Braidwood 2 Nuclear Plant Be Completed? DAVID M. STAHL and ALEXANDER POLIKOFF.

March 25. Comments on the Chinese Legal and Business System. MICHAEL F. O’LAUGHLIN.

April 23. Make No Little Plans. DONALD S. PERKINS.

May 13. Legal Education–A New Perspective. ROBERT W. BENNETT.

June 16. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 7. It Wasn’t The Money! And Other Explanations. HON. SUSAN GETZENDANNER.

November 4. The Criminal Practice–Evolution Over Forty Years. GEORGE J. COTSIRILOS.

December 2. Afterthoughts. HON. ROBERT H. BORK


February 5. The Constitution and The Art of Practical Government. PAUL M. BATOR and JOHN P. WILSON.

March 5. New Perspectives on Higher Education. ARNOLD R. WEBER.

April 9. The Problems of the Liability Insurance Industry. PERRY L. FULLER.

May 1. Perspectives on Terrorism. M. CHERIF BASSIOUNI.

June 17. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 1. The New Park District. WALTER A. NETSCH.

November 6. Reflections: Chicago and the World. JOHN D. CALLAWAY.

December 3. Trashing the System: How Lawyers Talk to Clients about Law. WILLIAM F. FELSTINER.


February 20. Fifty Years of the NLRB–How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. THEOPHIL C. KAMMHOLZ.

March 20. The Problem of Big Government. J. PETER GRACE.

April l7. From Chicago–Taking The American Bar to the Bar of America. JOHN A. SHEPHERD.

May 22. Lawyering for the United States. REX E. LEE (United States Solicitor General)

June l8. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 17. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit–Challenge and Opportunity. HON. HOWARD T. MARKEY.

November 6. The Divided Supreme Court. HON. FRANK H. EASTERBROOK (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

December 4. The Problems of Doing Intelligence in Our Open Society. ADMIRAL STANSFIELD TURNER.


February 2. Revolution in the Airline Industry. ROBERT P. NEUSCHEL.

March 7. Restructuring of the Railroads in the Midwest. JAMES R. WOLFE.

April 5. Deregulation: State of Mind or State of Law. WILLIAM G. WEISS.

May 15. Restructuring of International Harvester. WILLIAM A. KARNES.

June 19. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 17. The Washington Sting: What You See Is Not What You Get. ANDREW J. TAKACS.

November 8. Post Mortem: The 1984 Elections. F. RICHARD CICCONE.

December 5. Is There Life After the Good Faith Exception? RANDY E. BARNETT and THOMAS Y. DAVIES.


February 3. Changing Concepts in Litigation. GRIFFIN B. BELL.

March 3. Public Corruption-Society’s Cancer. WILLIAM F. WEBSTER.


May 6. Centennial Ball. THE PALMER HOUSE.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 5. Operation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. LEON SILVERMAN.

November 2. The Age of Discovery. THOMAS G. AYERS.

December 7. The State Department–Its Operations and Problems–an Inside View. JEROME W.VAN GORKOM.


February 3. Chicago Cable Television Study Commission on “Bringing Cable to Chicago.” GEORGE W. OVERTON and WILLIAM S. SINGER.

March 4. The Changing Environment of Commercial Banking. BARRY F. SULLIVAN.

April 7. Museums and Universities and Lawyers. WILLARD L. BOYD.

May 6. Behind Closed Doors. HON. SEYMOUR SIMON (Justice, Illinois Supreme Court)

June 15. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 14. Breaking up the Bell System. HOWARD J. TRIENENS.

November 4. Problems of the Steel Industry. FREDERICK G. JAICKS.

December 2. A Plan for Peace in Lebanon. KENNETH W. DAM.


February 11. Chicago, China and O’Hare. E. STANLEY ENLUND.

March 5. Security Challenges of the ’80s. GEN. DAVID C. JONES.

April 2. Policing in the ’80s. RICHARD J. BRZECZEK.

May 7. The North Loop Development Plan. MILES BERGER.

June 9. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 1. The Chicago Plan–A Play on Words. MATTHEW L. ROCKWELL.

November 4. The Milwaukee Road: A Third Generation Reorganization. RICHARD A. OGILVIE and ROBERT H. WHEELER.

December 3. Public Responsibility to Fund Legal Services for the Poor. SHELDON H.ROODMAN.


February 7. Legal Education and the Rule of Law. JOHN A. CRIBBET.

March 6. Prosecuting Crime in the Second City. BERNARD CAREY.

April 2. Double Standards and Double Talks. JOHN E. SWEARINGEN.

May 1. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court)

June 10. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 2. The Bar and the Bench in the Republic of South Africa. HON. MICHAEL CORBETT.

November 6. November 4, 1980 Election Results. J. ROBERT BARR and STANLEY KUSPER.

December 4. Academic Freedom. HANNA H. GRAY.


February 1. Economic Perspective for 1979. ROBERT P. MAYO.

March 1. How Business Can Succeed in Washington by Really Trying. VIRGIL A. DAY.

April 5. Lyric Opera of Chicago in its Silver Anniversary. CAROL FOX.

May 3. China Goes Modern and Rediscovers the Law. EMMETT DEDMON.

June 12. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.


November 1. The Economy. A. ROBERT ABBOUD.

December 6. On the Strange Making, Training and Thinking of an American Law School Dean. GERHARD CASPER.


February 2. Our Energy Future. GORDON R. COREY.

March 2. The Foreign Policy of the Carter Administration–A One-Year Review. JOHN E. REILLY.

April 6. Corporate Governance–Turning an Enigma into a Dilemma. ROBERT M. ESTES.

May 10. Bank Lending to Less Developed Countries. ROGER E. ANDERSON.

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 5. Reductio ad Absurdum. JOSEPH HANNON.

November 2. Current Developments in Legal Education. DAVID S. RUDER.

December 13. The U.S. Supreme Court–Some Personal Experiences and Otherwise. ROBERT L. STERN.


February 3. Legal Education: A Fresh Look at Tattered Traditions. ROGER C. CRAMTON.

March 3. The Concept of Prudence in The Light of Contemporary Investment Theory. JAMES H.LORIE.

April 7. JAMES R. THOMPSON (Governor, State of Illinois)

May 5. Government Regulation of Television Broadcasting. RICHARD A. WILEY.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 6. Some Observations of a Not-So-New Judge. HON. WILBUR F. PELL, JR.

November 3. JAY A. PRITZKER and JAMES CRUMLEY (Discussion of the role of lawyers as advisers to the business community)

December 1. STANLEY SPORKIN (Commented upon current developments in the enforcement of the federal securities laws)


February 5. Crime and Prison. NORVAL MORRIS.

March 4. Current Issues Before the American Bar Association. LAWRENCE A. WALSH.

April 1. The Declaration of Independence and the Communist Manifesto. MORTIMER J. ADLER.

May 6. Some Nagging Questions on Intelligence, The Press and The Law. LEO CHERNE.

June 15. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

September 20. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court). Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

October 7. Current Progress of the American Bar Association. JUSTIN A. STANLEY.

November 4. Hyperlexis. BAYLESS MANNING.

December 2. Financial Problems of the Social Security System. JEROME W. VAN GORKOM.


February 6. What to Expect from the 94th Congress. PHILIP M. CRANE.

March 6. Some Unlearned Lessons of Watergate. PHILIP B. KURLAND.

April 3. The So-Called Judicial Activism. HON. THOMAS E. FAIRCHILD.

May 8. The Winds of Change. BERT H. EARLY.

June 17. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 2. A Lawyer Looks at Presidential Power. JOSEPH A. CALIFANO, JR.

November 5. The Current Scene. HON. ROBERT H. BORK.

December 4. Government, Politics and Business. ALAN S. BOYD.


January 24. Life, Law and Job Insecurity. HON. ROBERT H. BORK.

March 7. Debate of the Proposed Regional Transit Authority (RTA). SENATOR BRADLEY M.GLASS (PRO) And REPRESENTATIVE EUGENE F SCHLICKMAN (CON) of the Illinois Legislature.

April 4. War and National Policy. MAJ. STEVE RITCHIE.

May 10. Once Over Lightly. CHARLES R. SPROWL.

June 11. Annual Meeting. SHOREACRES GOLF CLUB.

October 4. Changing Attitudes in Business. HARVEY KAPNICK.

November 7. The Arithmetic of Health Care. JAMES A. CAMPBELL.

December 5. 33 Years After Pearl Harbor. MAJ. GEN. WILLIAM B. FULTON.


January 25. Advertising and Freedom of Speech. ARTHUR SCHULTZ.

March 2. DANIEL WALKER (Governor, State of Illinois). Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

April 13. The Three Worlds of the Law Club. EDWIN A. AUSTIN.

May 10. Spiral Galaxies. PETER O. VANDERVOORT.

June 19. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 4. The Integrity of Public Service. JAMES R. THOMPSON.

November 1. A View of the Art Institute from the Inside Looking Out. A. LAURENCE CHALMERS, JR.

December 6. On the Side of the Hill. RAY GARRETT, JR.


January 27. The 1972 Model FTC, New Inside and Out. DAVID DENNISON.

March 3. Some Observations On Civil Rights. THE REVEREND THEODORE M. HESBURGH.

April 7. A View From Washington. CHARLES H. PERCY.

May 11. Lax Lex and Not Much Lux. JOHN A. HOWARD.

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 6. U.S. National Security Policy. DOLPH DROGE.

November 3. 10,000 Years Of Man In Illinois. STUART STREUVER.

December 7. Environment and Nuclear Power. A Challenge to the Legal Process. MARTIN HOFFMAN.


January 15. Pollution Control in Illinois-Most Advanced In The Nation. CHARLES A. BANE.

March 18. Reflections of a Nine-Month Old Bureaucrat. EDWARD A. MILLER.

April 2. ADLAI E. STEVENSON, III. Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.


June 15. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 1. Straight From The Governor’s Diary. ROGER BRANIGAN (Governor, State of Indiana)

November 4. Sears’ Blue Sky Venture. ARTHUR M. WOOD.



January 16. The New First National Lean-To. CHRISTOPHER W. WILSON.

February 5. Baseball-1970. BOWIE K. KUHN.



June 16. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 2. WILLIAM J. BAUER.

November 5. An Insider’s View Of Con-Con. SAMUEL W. WITWER.

December 4. Tensions, Tantrums, Temperaments And Other Operatic Tidbits. DAGGETT HARVEY.


January 24. New Departures In Illinois Government. RICHARD A. OGILVIE (Governor, State of Illinois)

March 6. The Judicial Conference In Illinois. HON. RAY I. KLINGBIEL.

April 11. Tenth & Constitution, 3rd Floor Front. RICHARD W. McLAREN.

May 8. Reflections of a Young Man From The Old World. PATRICK A. WALSHE.

June 24. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 3. A Citizen’s Interest In Government And Duties of Secretary of State. PAUL POWELL.

November 6. The Law And The Press. ROY M. FISHER.

December 5. The Campus And The Profession. FRANCIS A. ALLEN.


January 19. Law In American Society. Joint Project of the Chicago Bar Association and the Chicago Board of Education. ROBERT H. RATCLIFFE.

March 8. Who Cares What Happens to the Appellate Court, First District or Some Custard for the Judge. HON. ROBERT A. ENGLISH.

April 18. Windows in an Ivory Tower. JAMES J. COSTELLO.

May 17. Equal Time in Political Campaigns. NEWTON N. MINOW.

June 11. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 4. …Many Wheels and Many Motions. DAVID A. HENRY.

November 7. Washington and the Stock Markets. MILTON H. COHEN.

December 6. How to Get a Better Judge. BRUCE PARKHILL.


January 26. The Stock Market and the Securities and Exchange Commission. JAMES A. DAY.

March 3. Law Club Shows of Yesteryear. WILLIAM S. WARFIELD, III.

April 5. Some Tough Questions for Lawyers. ORISON S. MARDEN. Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

May 12. What Price Survival? EDWARD A. McDOUGAL, JR.

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 6. Private Morality and Public Law. WILLIAM GRAHAM COLE.

November 9. The Trial of Jack Ruby, or How to Conduct a Legal Disaster. JON R. WALTZ.

December 1. Reflections on the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society. NORVAL MORRIS.


February 4. Education For Business–The Law School and the Business School. JOHN A. BARR.

March 11. In Memory of Adlai Stevenson. HON. CARL McGOWAN. Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

April 7. An Address on Foreign Affairs. ARTHUR H. DEAN.


June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 14. Lawyers and the Washington Image. J. EDWARD DAY.

November 3. What Revolution. HON. JULIUS J. HOFFMAN.

December 2. Professional Sports and the Antitrust Laws. GEORGE A. CHRISTENSEN.


February 4. The Future Shape of Public Utility Regulation. JOSEPH C. SWIDLER.

March 4. Accommodation Between the First and Sixth Amendments. HON. HUBERT L. WILL.

April 8. Medicine: A Revolution Within Your Lifetime. J. ROSCOE MILLER.

May 13. Gold and Balance of Payments. DAVID M. KENNEDY.

June 15. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 14. World In Turmoil. GEORGE W. BALL.

November 12. Reminiscences. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL.

December 10. Lincoln and Creativity. WILLARD L. KING.


January 31. Introduction of Members.

March 6. Fruit Juice, Whiskey and LPG. JACK I. LEVY.

April 2. A Federal System of Personal Services? EDWARD R. ANNIS, M.D.

May 8. Some Antitrust Problems of American Business Abroad. JOHN T. CHADWELL.

June 16. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 1. The Banditti of the Prairie–Justice 1841 Model. JOHN S. LORD.

November 5. We Knew It All the Time. MILBURN P. AKERS, W.A. MAXWELL, and LLOYD WENDT.

December 3. Autopsy of an Assassination–The Warren Commission Report. ALBERT E.JENNER, JR.


January 25. The Incident at Oxford, Mississippi, and Other Recollections. NICHOLAS

February 28. New Members Night.

March 29. The New United States Court House. HON. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL.

April 26. Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Cybernetics and the Law’s Other Labor Pains. HON.JOHN R. BROWN.

June 11. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 3. Civil Rights, Trial Lawyers and the Law Schools. PHIL C. NEAL.

November 8. HON. ROBERT L. HUNTER, DANIEL P. WARD (State’s Attorney) and RICHARD J. OGILVIE (Sheriff) in a panel discussion.

December 6. From Whence to Whither. EDWIN C. AUSTIN.


January 26. Today’s Challenges. BENJAMIN A. WILLIS.

February 23. Public Support for Education. RUSSELL N. SULLIVAN.

March 22. Chicago–The Changing City. RICHARD J. DALEY. Mayor, City of Chicago.

May 4. A Fair Exchange. NORMAN FREEHLING.

June 12. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 5. Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of United States Court of Appeals for Seventh Circuit, Honoring Judges of Court and Senior Counselor Members of Club. CHIEF JUDGE JOHN S. HASTINGS and ABE R. PETERSON.

November 2. The New Look in the Chicago Police Department. ORLANDO W. WILSON and COL. MINOR K. WILSON.

November 29. What Does the Law Expect of Accounting? LEONARD SPACEK.


January 20. A Few Unknown Aspects of Insurance Regulation. JOSEPH S. GERBER.

February 24. OTTO KERNER (Governor of Illinois). Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

March 30. For Branch Banking? Isn’t Everyone? GAYLORD A. FREEMAN, JR.

April 27. Why People Are People. GEORGE WELLS BEADLE.

June 13. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 6. Day to Day Justice. HON. AUGUSTINE J. BOWE.

November 3. Detection of Frauds in Documents. DONALD DOUD.

December 7. The Need for a Revitalized Trial Bar. SYLVESTER C. SMITH, JR.


January 29. The Seventh Circuit. HON. JOHN S. HASTINGS.

February 26. Baseball. BILL VEECK.

March 24. Chicago and the Seaway. HAROLD M. MAYER.

April 29. The Chicago Police Department and the Police Board. FRANKLIN M. KREML.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

September 30. Reminiscences of Fifty-Three Years of Practice at the Chicago Bar. EDWARD R. JOHNSTON.

October 28. The Lawyer’s Concern With Obedience to the Unenforceable. WHITNEY NORTH SEYMOUR.

December 1. Election by Illiterates. GEORGE A. MAHIN.


January 9. Soviet Sojourn. ADLAI E. STEVENSON.

February 26. Strange Lawyers I Have Met. ROSS L. MALONE.

April 3. Maintaining the Strong Deterrent to Aggression. JAMES H. DOUGLAS, JR.

May 1. Prisons and Prisoners. JOSEPH E. RAGEN.

June 16. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 2. Cases I Have Disposed Of. ROBERT C. BASSETT.

November 5. Aircraft Selection and Operation. WILLIAM A. PATTERSON.

December 3. From Courtroom to Hoosegow. C.S. BENTLEY PIKE.


January 24. Some Issues Related to the President’s Proposal for Federal Aid to Education. DAVID D. HENRY.

February 28. The International Geophysical Year and Exploration of Interplanetary Space. JOHN ALEXANDER SIMPSON.

March 28. Currier & Ives and Mississippi River Steamboats. DWIGHT P. GREEN.

April 25. Exploring for Oil in Syria. TIM G. LOWRY.

June 17. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 10. Private Pension Plans. JAMES F. OATES, JR.

November 6. Suburban Service. BEN W. HEINEMAN.

December 5. The Professional, The Political and The Prudent. EDWARD H. LEVI.


January 25. There Ought to Be a Law. HON. BENJAMIN S. ADAMOWSKI.

February l5. Some Sidelights on Working in Washington. WILLIAM T. FARICY.

March 29. A Ministry of Justice. HON. J. LEE RANKIN.

April 26. Moving a Million. VIRGIL A. GUNLOCK.

June 18. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 4. Chancellor George Wythe–Patriot, Jurist, and America’s First Law Professor. JOHN RITCHIE.

November 1. Under Law and London Stew. WILLIS D. NANCE.

December 6. A Lawyer’s Place in the Department of the Army. CHESTER R. DAVIS.


January 27. Edwin M. Stanton Takes Over the War Department. BENJAMIN P. THOMAS.

February 24. The Prudential Project. CHARLES F. MURPHY, JR. and CHARLES G. RUMMEL.

March 23. The Changing Scene and Higher Education. VIRGIL M. HANCHER.

April 27. The Score Board. BRANCH RICKEY.

June 12. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 5. The Hodge Case: the Newspapers and the Legal Profession. BASIL L. WALTERS.

November 9. The Unprintable Memoirs of a Small Town D.A. JOHN A. VOELKER.

December 14. The Enforcement Activities of the Internal Revenue Service. RUSSELL A.HARRINGTON.


January 28. From Private Practitioner to Public Prosecutor. ROBERT TIEKEN.

February 25. Professional Relations and the Fifth Amendment. LLOYD WRIGHT.

March 25. A Lawyer Looks at Internal Security and Constitutional Rights. THOMAS C. HENNINGS, JR.

April 29. Chief Justice Doe. WALTER V. SCHAEFER.

June 14. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 14. Potomac Fever. HOLMAN D. PETTIBONE.

November 11. Of the Prairie and the Kankakee. WERNER W. SCHROEDER.

December 16. The Role of the Lawyer. E. SMYTHE GAMBRELL.


January 29. Frankie Costello, Tony Accardo, and The American Bar Association. CHARLES A.BANE.

February 26. Presidential Power of Seizure and The Steel Case. ROGER M. BLOUGH.

March 26. Lawyers and Psychiatry. WILLIAM C. MENNINGER, M.D.

April 9. The Law Business of the United States. SIMON E. SOBELOFF.

June 16. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 1. Strange Episodes in the Trial of General Homma, Japanese Conqueror of the Philippines. GEORGE W. OTT.

November 12. The Casual Trade Secret-A New Pitfall for Purchasers. JAMES A. SPROWL.

December 3. Chicago’s Public Schools. THOMAS L. MARSHALL.


January 30. The Natural Storage of Natural Gas. JAMES F. OATES, JR.

February 20. Law in the Atomic Age. ROBERT G. STOREY.

March 27. The Hoosiers. ROGER A. BRANIGIN.

April 20. What Is a Lawyer’s Job in Critical Times? CHARLES P. TAFT.

June 12. Annual Meeting. BOB O’LINK GOLF CLUB.

October 2. Behind the Iron Curtain and The Corporate Report. FOREST D. SIEFKIN.

November 6. Problems in the Justice Department. HERBERT BROWNELL, JR.

December 11. The Bricker Amendment. HENRY J. BRANDT and BRUNSON MacCHESNEY. A Debate.


January 25. The Law School and the University. LAWRENCE A. KIMPTON.

February 29. Tax Discrimination Against Lawyers. DANA LATHAM.

March 28. Collecting for a Biography of David Davis. WILLARD L. KING.

April 25. The Assistance of Counsel for His Defense. CLAUDE B. CROSS.

June 13. Annual Meeting. BOB O’LINK GOLF CLUB.

October 3. A Yankee in Dixie. FRANCIS X. BUSCH.

November 14. Finding of Guilty: Then What? HENRY P. CHANDLER.

December 12. Civilization and Technology. JOHN T. RETTALIATA.


January 26. Justice Holmes’ 90th Year. ROBERT W. WALES.

February 23. The Juvenile Court and Its Problems–Now the Family Court. ROBERT JEROME DUNNE.

March 30. Some Current Antitrust Problems of the Business Lawyer. JOHN T. CHADWELL.

April 27. A Tale of Two Shysters. THOMAS C. McCONNELL.

June 8. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 5. Socialism, Sex and Silverware. DOUGLASS PILLINGER.

November 16. Legal Jackals (They Don’t Do the Killing, but Live Off the Corpse). ALBERT E.JENNER, JR.

December 14. How to Lose a Law Suit and Enjoy It. STUART S. BALL.



February 24. “What Faces the Legal Profession.” HAROLD J. GALLAGHER. Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

March 3l. My Life with the Illinois Tribesmen. WALTER T. FISHER.

April 28. Reform or Overthrow of our Presidential Election System? WILLIAM A. McSWAIN.

June 9. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 6. The Next Move in American Foreign Policy. PAYSON S. WILD, JR.

November 17. The Situation. STEPHEN E. HURLEY.

December 15. What Have They Done to Patents? CASPER W. OOMS.


January 21. Heart Disease (An Occupational Disease of Lawyers?) J. ROSCOE MILLER, M.D.

February 25. Lincoln, Revised Version. PAUL M. ANGLE.

March 25. “Clerk of the Works.” Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

April 29. Free Speech, Picketing, Communism, and the Hold-Up Man. STUART S. BALL.

June 3. Annual Meeting. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB.

October 7. To Fort Clatsop and Return. HAROLD A. SMITH.

November 11. An American Manufacturer Looks at Europe. JAMES S. KNOWLSON.

December 16. Big Government and Little People. DONALD RICHBERG.


January 30. Blind Justice, The Story of a Trial. JOHN POTTS BARNES.

February 27. Do I Have a Chance? Prospects for 1948 Income Tax Legislation. ELLSWORTH C. ALVORD.

April 2. Report on Germany. WALTER LICHTENSTEIN.

April 30. Better Living in Chicago. HOLMAN D. PETTIBONE.

June 11. Annual Meeting. THE MID-DAY CLUB.

October 1. A Report from Berlin. GEORGE A. McKIBBIN.

November 12. The Impeachment of Samuel Chase. CHARLES R. SPROWL.

December 10. The Impact on Our Profession of Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government. ROBERT T. SWAINE.


January 24. The Land of Picon. LOUIS A. CALDWELL.

February 28. Captain Lincoln. HAROLD A. SMITH.

March 28. A Study of Modern Stock Markets. JAMES E. DAY.

April 18. Backstage with Lincoln Biographers. BENJAMIN P. THOMAS.

May 23. Annual Meeting. KNOLLWOOD COUNTRY CLUB.

October 3. Some $64 Questions on the New Labor Law. THOMAS R. MULROY.

November 14. Paper Pedicular or By Order of the Management. AUSTIN L. WYMAN.



January 18. The Early Life of Melville Fuller. WILLARD L. KING.

February 18. Legislation for An Ex-Enemy. LAIRD BELL. Joint Meeting with The Legal Club.

March 29. Cases of Oats. JAMES MacLEOD BEST.

April 26. John Wilkes–A Friend to Liberty. R. CORWINE STEVENSON.

May 24. Annual Meeting. KNOLLWOOD COUNTRY CLUB.

October 4. Air Transportation in War and Peace. JAMES H. DOUGLAS, JR.

November 1. Murder at the City Desk. RICHARD J. FINNEGAN.

December 6. Monopoly in the Movies. THOMAS C. McCONNELL.


January 26. International Air Transportation. PAUL M. GODEHN.

February 23. American Dreyfus. CASPER W. OOMS.

March 23. Real Property in Interstate Commerce. CRANSTON SPRAY.

April 27. The Protection of Trade Marks and the Repression of Unfair Trading as Social Problems. EDWARD S. ROGERS.

June 8. Annual Meeting. ONWENTSIA CLUB.

September 28. Toward United Nations. TAPPAN GREGORY.

November 2. Lend-Lease Operations with France and French Areas. STEPHEN A. MITCHELL.

December 7. Law Club Remembrances 1895-1945. EDGAR B. TOLMAN.


January 28. Government Operation of Railroads. WILLIAM T. FARICY.

February 25. Dives Avoids a Tax. CHARLES R. MEGAN.

March 3l. A Few Old Cases. GEORGE I. HAIGHT.

April 8. As Others See Us. WILLIAM S. WARFIELD, III.

June 9. Annual Meeting. SKOKIE COUNTRY CLUB.

October 6. Sea Lawyers. RICHARD BENTLEY.

November 3. The International Monetary Fund Proposed by the Bretton Wood Conference.EDWARD E. BROWN.

December 1. American Canadian Relations. C. CAMPBELL McLAURIN.


January 29. Army Ordnance-In Law and in Fact. COL. IRVING A. DUFFY.

February 26. The Rose of Sharon. HAROLD NORMAN.

March 26. The Role of the Corporation in the Revolution. WILLIAM H. KING, JR.

April 10. Madame Follows the Flag. HERBERT M. LAUTMANN.

June 4. Annual Meeting. “Take It or Leave It,” presented by Law Club Entertainers.

October l. The National War Labor Board–Sole Judge of Its Own Powers. ERNEST S. BALLARD.

November 5. The Overuse of Dictum. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL.

December 10. A Question of Honor. ROBERT V. FLETCHER.


January 30. Joint Debate with Legal Club.

February 27. The Navy’s Job. ADLAI E. STEVENSON.

March 27. A Winter’s Tale. VIRGIL M. HANCHER.

April 26. Some Experiences of a State’s Attorney. THOMAS J. COURTNEY

June 5. Annual Meeting. ONWENTSIA CLUB.

October 2. Lawyer Lincoln Rescues a Railroad. C. LE ROY BROWN.

November 6. Some Non-Technical Comments on the Revenue Act of 1942. ALBERT L.HOPKINS.

December 11. Umpires and Pop Bottles. WALTER T. FISHER.


January 24. Wit and Humor of Judge Joseph A. Gary. ERWIN W. ROEMER.

February 28. National Criminal Law Enforcement. O. JOHN ROGGE.

March 28. Judge Charles Reaume. GEORGE I. HAIGHT.

April 24. The Radio, the Government and the Broadcasters. ROBERT N. MILLER.

June 6. Annual Meeting. “Dutch Treat,” presented by Law Club Entertainers.

October 3. DWIGHT H. GREEN.

November 7. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. CHARLES M. THOMSON.

December 4. Where Angels Fear to Tread. ERNEST PALMER.


January 26. A Day with the Attorney General. OTTO KERNER.

February 23. Lincoln After Seventy-five Years. FRANKLIN BLISS SNYDER.

March 29. A Lumbering Paper. LAIRD BELL.

April 26. Prairie Justice. ANAN RAYMOND.

June 7. Annual Meeting. “The Law Club Comes to Its Census,” presented by Law Club Entertainers.

October 4. Anticosti Island, a Fortress of War and a Sanctuary of Peace. JAMES F. OATES, JR.

November 1. A Governmental Journey. HENRY F. TENNEY.

December 6. Ex Lex. CLARENCE A. RANDALL.


January 27. Constructive Enforcement of the Anti-Trust Laws. THURMAN ARNOLD.

February 24. Progress of Criminal Justice in Cook County. CORNELIUS J. HARRINGTON.

March 17. A Forgotten Governor. WILLIAM H. HOLLY.

April 28. British and American Labor Relations: Some Contrasts and Some Lessons. LLOYD K.GARRISON.

June 2. Annual Meeting. “Tunc pro nunc,” presented by Law Club Entertainers.

October 6. Neutrality under International Law. MAX RHEINSTEIN.

November 3. Propaganda, History and Motion Pictures. ADLAI E. STEVENSON.

December 8. Heraldry on Monroe Street. EDWARD S. ROGERS.


January 8. The Camera’s Catch. TAPPAN GREGORY.

February 25. Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen. RICHARD BENTLEY

March 25. Servitudes of Golf. EARLE F. TILLEY.

April 29. I Noticed It in the Advance Sheet. CHARLES P. MEGAN.

June 3. Annual Meeting. “National Lawyer’s Relation Board,” presented by Law Club Entertainers.

October 7. Drama at Law. STEPHEN E. HURLEY

November 4. Troubled Oil on Judicial Waters. RALPH HORWEEN.

December 2. The Monopoly Issue. DONALD R. RICHBERG.


January 22. Some Social Factors Affecting Legislative Policy. DEAN G. ACHESON.

February 26. The Background of a Great Justice. KENNETH B. HAWKINS.

March 26. Legislative Limitations on Horse Trading–The Robinson-Patman Act. FOREST A.SIEFKIN.

April 23. Observations–Mostly Legal. MAX D. STEUER.

June 4. Annual Meeting. “The Coronation of the King,” presented by the Law Club Entertainers.

October l. Workings of the National Labor Relations Act. ERNEST S. BALLARD.

November 5. Is the Law Decaying? LAIRD BELL.

December 3. Your Bar Association–Its Policies and Objectives. HENRY P. CHANDLER.


January 31. Social Security? JOHN A. BLACK.

February 28. Administration of Trusts Created Under Corporate Mortgages During Periods of Default and Organization. ANDREW J. DALLSTREAM.

March 27. The Dilemmas of Legal Education. ROBERT M. HUTCHINS.

April 24. Mr. Adams for the Defense. FRANKLIN E. VAUGHAN.

October 2. The Carter Case and After. FRANK J. LOESCH.

November 6. The Proposed Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. EDGAR B. TOLMAN.

December 4. A Century and a Half of Federal Banking Legislation and Its Implications. HAROLD V. AMBERG.


January 18. Government in Reverse Gear. LOUIS G. CALDWELL.

February 15. The Corporate Fiction, a Twentieth Century Anachronism. CHARLES G. LITTLE.

March 22. Legal Style Show. ARCHIBALD CATTELL.

April 26. Forty-six Weeks of 77-B. WILLIAM S. WARFIELD, III.

October 4. The Bar. CHARLES P. MEGAN.

November 1. The Wagner Labor Bill. HAROLD BEACOM.

December 6. General Welfare and the Federal Constitution. LELAND K. NEEVES.


January 26. Who’s Afraid of the NRA. WILLIAM H. KING, JR.

February 23. Some Odds and Ends Suggested by the Girard Will Case. JOHN V. NORCROSS.

March 23. A Lesson from Lloyds. JOHN S. LORD.

April 27. Real Estate in the New Deal. HOLMAN D. PETTIBONE.

October 5. Impressions of the Bench. HON. FREDERIC R. DeYOUNG.

November 2. Undue Influence in Illinois. WILLARD L. KING.

December 14. Section 7 (a). ERNEST S. BALLARD.


January 20. Taxes. LESTER L. FALK.

February 24. Men, Machines and Constitutions. LEO F. WORMSER.

March 24. Some Criminals I Have Known. CHARLES M. THOMSON.

April 29. Depression and Revival in the Nineties. DWIGHT P. GREEN.

October 6. Experiences of a More or Less Humble Servant of a More or Less Dear But Fickle Florida. ERNEST PALMER.


December 8. Rushing Through Russia. FRANK H. McCULLOCH.


January 29. A Celebrated Case. JOHN J. HEALY.

April 1. Wanted–a Precedent. ARCHIBALD CATTELL.

April 29. A Job for The Law Club. WILLIAM S. ELLIOTT.

October 7. The Work of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. WALTER T. FISHER.

November 4. The Trial of the Templates. FRANCIS X. BUSCH.

December 9. Some Aspects of the Receivership Racket. EDWARD R. JOHNSTON.


January 30. Oriental Observations and Contacts. EDWARD WARREN EVERETT.

March 27. The Trial of Mary Queen of Scots. HORACE KENT TENNEY.

April 24. Milton’s “Areopagitica” and the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing. LESSING ROSENTHAL.

October 2. The Private Life of Sir William Blackstone. HOMER H. COOPER.

November 6. Revolutions and the Profession. ANAN RAYMOND.

December 4. Limitation of Armaments. WILLIAM A. HALE.


January 24. Do You Still Own Your Own Home? FRANKLIN E. VAUGHAN.

February 28. 1929-1930. JOHN A. BLACK.

March 28. Repeal by Abandonment. JOHN M. CAMERON.

April 25. The History of the Lake Levels Controversy. CORNELIUS LYNDE.


November 7. A Jurisdictional Oddity. SAMUEL ADAMS.

December 5. Some Experiences of an Amateur Diplomat at an International Congress. EDWARD S. ROGERS.


January 18. Industrial Law–Some Developments and Tendencies. EDWIN F. ALBERTSWORTH.

February 15. An Athenian Lawyer. JOHN M. ZANE.

March 22. Judah P. Benjamin. Distinguished at the Bars of Two Nations. JAMES H. WINSTON.

April 26. The Place of the Present Generation in the History of Freedom. E. PARMALEE PRENTICE.

October 11. Legal Aspects of the Traction Situation. WALTER L. FISHER.

November 8. Practicability of Scientific Lie Detecting. FREDERIC BURNHAM.

December 13. Trial Lawyers I Have Known. JOHN E. KEHOE.


January 27. The Karageorgevitches and the Obrenovitches. LOUIS G. CALDWELL.

February 24. Air Rights Problems. FREDERICK C. HACK.

March 30. Illinois Association for Criminal Justice. RUSH C. BUTLER.

April 27. Violent, External and Accidental. MURRY NELSON.

October 5. How to Eradicate Farm Distress by Law. AMOS C. MILLER.

November 9. What Price Land Trust Certificates! HERBERT J. FRIEDMAN.

December 7. What is Wrong with Our Wheels of Justice? GEORGE PACKARD.


January 28. South Water Street. GEORGE A. MASON.

February 25. Early Reminiscences. CHARLES S. CUTTING.

March 25. A Slave Trial by Lincoln in 1847. THOMAS L. MARSHALL.

April 29. The Physical Basis of Law. JOHN M. ZANE.

October 7. What Has Become of A1l the Lawyers? JAMES M. SHEEAN.

November 4. Ministers in the Temple of Justice. JOHN L. FOGLE.

December 9. The Gasoline Tax. SIDNEY S. GORHAM.


January 28. The Bondage of the Past. HERBERT J. CAMPBELL.

February 2. A Case of Reversing the Supreme Court of the United States. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

March 25. The Law is NOT A Jealous Mistress. EUGENE H. ANGERT of the St. Louis Bar.

April 30. Lest We Forget. ORVILLE J. TAYLOR.

October 1. Land Trust Certificates. JOHN S. MILLER.

November 5. Chinese Situation. SILAS H. STRAWN.

December 10. The Mounting Cost of Management. IRWIN T. GILRUTH.


January 20. For and Against Pompilia. EUGENE H. GARNETT.

February 27. Financing a Government. GARRARD A. WINSTON.

March 27. An Old Custom at Gray’s Inn. FREDERIC F. NORCROSS.

April 24. The Alleged Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth. WALTER S. HOLDEN.

October 2. George Washington’s Legal Education. EUGENE E. PRUSSING.

November 6. The United States Board of Tax Appeals. ALBERT L. HOPKINS.

December 11. Aviation by Investigation. WILLIAM P. MacCRACKEN.


January 25. Looking Backward or Forward in Representative Government. HENRY P. CHANDLER.

February 29. The League of Nations: Its Organization and Its Work. JOHN H. WIGMORE.

March 28. The Graft Investigation. FREDERICK A. BROWN.

April 25. A Concrete Illustration of Roman Law. HENRY M. HUXLEY.

October 3. Observations on the London Meeting of the American Bar Association. SILAS H.STRAWN, ANGUS ROY SHANNON, EDWARD S. ROGERS, OTTO R. BARNETT, PARKER H.HOAG.

November 7. Kidd the Goat. HOMER H. COOPER.

December 12. Raw Material for the Bar. LAIRD BELL.


January 27. Educational Standards for Admission to the Bar of Illinois. CHARLES R. WEBSTER.

February 16. The United States of America–Norway Arbitration of The Hague. WALTER L.FISHER.

March 23. The National Prohibition Act. ELWOOD G. GODMAN.

April 27. Fortieth Anniversary Meeting. Reminiscenses by Members of the Club Relating to Incidents Connected with the Lives of Older Members of the Bar.

October 5. Legal Remedies for the Appalling Banana Shortage. ERNEST PALMER.

November 2. German Reparations and the Ruhr. WILLIAM P. SIDLEY.

December 7. Insurance Trusts. ROY C. OSGOOD.


January 27. American War Claims Against Germany and the Alien Property Fund. WILLIAM P. SIDLEY.

February 24. The Real Captain Williams. JOHN R. MONTGOMERY.

March 25. An Instance of Brigandage by Judicial Process. ROBERT W. CAMPBELL.

April 28. Super-Supreme Law. RUSH A. BUTLER.

October 13. Some Side-Lights on the Constitutional Convention. CHARLES S. CUTTING, CHARLES H. HAMILL and AMOS C. MILLER.

November 10. Developing Ethics and Resistant Law. DONALD R. RICHBERG.

December 15. Personal Recollections of a Great Party Convention. FRANK J. LOESCH.


January 28. Workin’ on the Railroad. MARCUS L. BELL.

February 25. The Key of Knowledge. DONALD R. RICHBERG.

March 25. A Submarine Jonah. JOHN W. BECKWITH.

April 22. Some Unwritten History of the State’s Attorney’s Office. MACLAY HOYNE.

October 8. Locking the Stable Door Before the Horse Is Stolen. HOMER H. COOPER.

November 4. Are We a World Nation? SILAS H. STRAWN.

December 2. The Eighteen Jobs of a Lawyer. JOHN H. WIGMORE.


January 23. Fundamentals of the Social Order. ALBERT M. KALES.

March 5. Why It Took Fourteen Weeks to Try a Six-cent Libel Suit. HORACE KENT TENNEY.

March 26. Crime in Chicago. EDWIN W. SIMS.

April 23. Strikes. KEMPER K. KNAPP.

October 8. The Constitutional Convention. CHARLES S. CUTTING, CHARLES H. HAMILL and AMOS A. MILLER.

November 12. The Government and the Packers. HENRY VEEDER.

December 10. We Desire Nothing so Much as What We Ought Not to Have-Publius Syrus. GEORGE P. MERRICK.


January 31. The Laws of Marriage and Divorce. CHARLES M. THOMSON.

February 28. The Boulevard Link. GEORGE B. MASON.

March 28. Mr. Chaffanbrass. ROSWELL A. MASON.

April 25. Some English War Cases. JESSE HOLDOM.

October 17. Some Notes on the War Administration in Washington and Particularly on Congressional Legislative Methods. JOHN H. WIGMORE.

November 21. The French Advocate. JOHN M. ZANE.

December 19. The Public Utility Bedlam: Reflections of an Out-patient. DONALD R. RICHBERG.


January 25. Senator Cummins’ Insoluble Problem. BLEWETT LEE.

March 1. The Kaspar Hauser Mystery. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

March 29. On Baked Pears. CHARLES H. HAMILL.

October 4. The Constitutional Convention. ORRIN N. CARTER.

November 22. German Submarine Warfare. MERRITT STARR.

December 13. The Sanitary District–Some of Its Problems Discussed. EDMUND D. ADCOCK.


January 26. The League to Enforce Peace–Considered from a Lawyer’s Viewpoint. HENRY RUSSELL PLATT.

February 28. The League to Enforce Peace-Another View. HORACE S. OAKLEY.

March 30. Retrospect and Prospect. JOHN S. MILLER.

April 27. Reminiscences of the Chicago Strike of 1894. EDGAR A. BANCROFT.

September 28. Reminiscences of Courts and Lawyers in Southern Illinois Fifty Years Ago. EDWIN M. ASHCRAFT.

October 26. Treason Under the Constitution of the United States. HAYES McKINNEY.

December 14. The Picaresque and Picturesque Personality of Amber, alias Ruby Hamilton. JOHN M. ZANE.


January 28. The Regulative Commission in Illinois. HARRY P. WEBER.

February 25. International Law–Some Current Problems. JAMES P. HALL.

March 31. A Case of Disputed Identities. HORACE K. TENNEY.

April 28. Three Generations of Litigation and Romance–the Gaines Will Suit. WALTER S.HOLDEN.

October 6. The United States of America and Its Share in World Legislation. JOHN H. WIGMORE.

October 27. Our Policy in the Far East. WILLIAM A. HALE.

December 8. Disease and Crime. HARRY OLSON.


January 29. Comments on the Federal-Trade Commission. MICHAEL F. GALLAGHER.

February 26. Revolution in the Administration of Railroads. ROBERT J. CARY.

March 26. The New Freedom in Kentucky. PHILIP S. POST.

April 30. The Evolution of the German Code of Civil Law. ARTHUR DYRENFORTH.

September 24. The Inheritance Tax and the Constitution. JOHN R. MONTGOMERY.

October 29. The Administration of Justice in the Lake Michigan Wilderness. GEORGE PACKARD.

December 10. Punitive Pain and Humiliation. MARQUIS EATON.


January 30. What Should a Lawyer Charge? PERCY B. ECKHART.

February 27. Free Canal Passage for “Our” Vessels. AMOS C. MILLER.

March 27. Is a Constitutional Convention in Illinois Desirable at This Time? CARL R. LATHAM.

May 1. Gossip About the Sherman Antitrust Act. KEMPER K. KNAPP.

October 16. An International Court. LOUIS E. HART.

November 20. The Law of Nations in a World at War. JAMES PARKER HALL.

December 18. The Genesis of the Pork Barrel. CHARLES S. CUTTING.


January 31. The Passing of the Lawyer. JAMES M. SHEEAN.

February 28. Amending the Constitution. EDWIN H. CASSELS.

March 28. An Obiter Dictum. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

April 25. Legal Aspects of the Panama Canal. HAROLD F. WHITE.

October 3. A Roman Lawyer. JOHN M. ZANE.

November 7. Theory and Practice. WALTER H. JACOBS.

December 5. Mexico and the Claims of Foreigners. CHARLES CHENEY HYDE.


January 26. The Grand Jury. MARTIN M. GRIDLEY.

March 1. Why Is the Law the Poorest Paid Profession? CLARENCE N. GOODWIN.

March 29. Some Courts of Early Illinois. HOWARD M. CARTER.

May 3. An Eighteenth Century Constitution. BRUCE JOHNSTONE.

October 11. The Courts and Social Progress. CHARLES R. WEBSTER.

November 8. A Changed Relation. JOHN D. BLACK.

December 6. Fellow-Citizens: A Civic Problem and a Social Duty. GEORGE PACKARD.


January 27. Judicial Power Over Legislation. HENRY SCHOFIELD.

February 24. The Trust Company–Not a Competitor of the Lawyer. WILLIAM T. ABBOTT.

March 31. Negro Suffrage. FRANK JOHNSTON, JR.

April 28. The Lawyers of Charles Dickens. GEORGE PACKARD.

October 6. Patented Articles; When Are They Emancipated from the Monopoly Under Which They Are Manufactured? WALTER H. CHAMBERLIN.

October 27. The Interstate Commerce Commission and the Commerce Court. RUSH C.BUTLER.

December 8. The Possibility of Dividing Illinois into Two States. CHARLES LEROY BROWN.


January 28. Federal Control of Corporations. SILAS H. STRAWN.

March 4. The Unwritten Law. MURRY NELSON, JR.

April 1. A Proposed Judicature Act for Cook County. ALBERT M. KALES.

April 29. State and Federal Control of Water Power. EDWARD B. BURLING.

September 30. School Land Leases in Chicago. CLARENCE N. GOODWIN.

October 28. The National Conference on Uniform State Laws. NATHAN WILLIAM MacCHESNEY.

December 2. Making Our Laws. MORTON D. HULL.


January 29. Some Facts in the Case of the Anarchists. FRANCIS W. WALKER.

February 26. Federal Anti-trust Legislation. LYNDEN EVANS.

April 30. Intervention by the United States and the Monroe Doctrine. CHARLES CHENEY HYDE.

October l. A Comparative Study of the English and Cook County Judicial Establishments. ALBERT M. KALES.

October 29. Some Questions for the Judicial Conscience. EDWARD O. BROWN.

December 3. The Principles of Procedural Reform. ROSCOE POUND.


January 31. The Dred Scott Case. OTTO GRESHAM.

February 28. Juries as Judges of the Law in Criminal Cases. JOHN V. NORCROSS.

March 27. John Dean Caton. MITCHELL D. FOLLANSBEE.

April 24. The Deep Waterway Plan of Father Louis Hennepin. GEORGE PACKARD.

September 25. Should the Law Teacher Maintain a Position at the Bar? ALBERT M. KALES.

October 30. Stephen A. Douglas, Lawyer and Statesman. EDWARD O. BROWN.


January 25. The Work of the Juvenile Court. JULIAN W. MACK.

March 1. The Trust Agreement as a Substitute for Incorporation. WILLIAM P. SIDLEY.

April 26. An Indestructible Union of Destructible States. GEORGE P. MERRICK.

September 27. Some Trials of Lawyers and Other Trials. IRA C. WOOD.

October 25. The Illinois Central Charter Tax Case. BLEWETT LEE.

December 6. Almost a Casus Belli. SIGMUND ZEISLER.


January 26. The Legislature. WILLIAM H. McSURELY.

February 23. Changes in the Attitude Towards the So-called Rights of the Individual. JOSEPH W. ERRANT.

March 30. Criminal Law. JOHN J. HEALY.

September 28. Hypnotism. ROGER SHERMAN.

October 26. Reforms in the Law of Future Interests Needed in Illinois. ALBERT M. KALES.

December 7. The Insurance Company in Court. HENRY W. PRICE.


February 24. Some Problems of Legal Ethics. MITCHELL A. FOLLANSBEE.

March 31. Plymouth Colony-Early Laws and Customs. RUSSELL WHITMAN.

April 28. Should the State Have the Right of Appeal? A.A. LINDLEY.

September 29. Some Comments on Chicago Strikes and Injunctions. JESSE HOLDOM.

October 27. Federal Control of Insurance. SILAS H. STRAWN.

November 24. The Executive Power. OTTO GRESHAM.


January 29. Federal Taxation Not for Revenue. CHARLES H. HAMILL.

February 26. Testamentary Trusts. CHARLES S. CUTTING.

March 25. The Constitution and the Constitution of the Supreme Court. HENRY RUSSELL PLATT.

May 6. A Prince of Swindlers. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

September 30. The Taxation of Corporations in Illinois. JAMES H. WILKERSON.

October 28. The Carter Court Martial. MURRY NELSON, JR.

December 2. Some Option-Contract Quandaries in Illinois. GEORGE PACKARD.


January 30. Some Tax Questions of Today in Illinois. LLOYD BOWERS.

February 27. The Negotiable Instruments Act. JULIAN W. MACK.

March 27. Some Financial Problems of Municipal Ownership. JOHN C. MATHIS.

April 24. Legislative Discrimination Under the Guise of Police Power. SILAS H. STRAWN.

September 25. The Punishment of Crime. CLARENCE A. BURLEY.

October 30. The Tread of Unionism. FREDERICK W. BURLINGHAM.

November 27. Obeying the Law. FRANK H. McCULLOCH.


February 28. Taxation in Cook County. ROY O. WEST.

March 28. Should Illinois Adopt a Code of Civil Procedure and Practice? OTTO GRESHAM.

April 25. The Shore of Lake Michigan. EDWARD O. BROWN.

September 26. Some Principles of Cross-Examination. JOHN H. WIGMORE.

November 7. The Legal Status of the Board of Education. DONALD L. MORRILL.


January 25. A Croatian Conspiracy. WILLIAM P. SIDLEY.

March 1. The Lawyer, Hamilton. HENRY A. ESTABROOK.

March 29. The Extent of Necessary Constitutional Amendment. WALLACE HECKMAN.

April 26. The English Lawyer of Today. MITCHELL D. FOLLANSBEE.

September 27. The Chicago Street Railway Question. EDWIN BURRITT SMITH.

October 25. The Girl from Andros. HORACE S. OAKLEY.

November 29. The Inheritance Tax Law. EDWIN M. ASHCRAFT.


January 27. Earl Camden. STEPHEN S. GREGORY.

March 2. The Department Store and the Supreme Court. CHARLES W. GREENFIELD.

March 31. The Judicial Opinions of Mr. Justice Miller on Questions of Constitutional Law. JAMES M. WOOLWORTH.

April 25. The Constitutionality of the Puerto Rico Tariff Law. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

September 28. The Legal Results of the New Currency Law. JOHN M. ZANE.

October 26. Ultra Vires Corporation Leases. EDWARD A. HARRIMAN.

November 30. The Regulation by Law of Industrial Association. AZEL F. HATCH.


January 28. The Loss of Public Money Through Official Malfeasance. FREDERIC F. NORCROSS.

February 25. First and Second United States Banks. WILLIAM C. NIBLACK.

March 25. Power of the Legislature to Compel Admission to the Bar. BLEWETT LEE.

September 30. The Evidence in the Dreyfus Case. JOHN H. WIGMORE.

October 28. The Practical Workings of the Bankruptcy Law. SIDNEY A. EASTMAN.

November 25. Observations on the Illinois Revenue Assessment Law. FREDERICK A. SMITH.


January 29. The Worst Governed Country on Earth. W.M. BOOTH.

February 26. Ancient Trademark Custom and Law. FRANK F. REED.

March 26. Full Costs. HENRY RUSSELL PLATT.

April 30. The Duties of the Bench to the Bar. GEORGE P. MERRICK.

September 24. Shall the Nicaragua Canal be Neutralized? KENESAW M. LANDIS.

October 29. Territorial Expansion and Federal Constitution. THOMAS B. MARSTON.

November 26. Some Constitutional Aspects of Territorial Expansion. HOWARD L. SMITH.


January 30. The Place of the Lawyer in the American Commonwealth. EDWIN BURRITT SMITH.

February 27. Legal Views of Bi-Partisanship. WILLIAM W. CASE.

March 27. Late Constitutional Decisions by the Illinois Supreme Court. FRANK J. LOESCH.

September 25. Section Twenty-Two of the Dingley Bill; a Curious Bit of Legislation. A.J. EDDY

October 30. Can an Infant Recover from Injuries Received en Ventre sa Mere? LYNDEN EVANS.


January 25. Assessment of Land for Taxation. W.B. McILVAINE.

February 29. Some Recent Legislation. CHARLES S. CUTTING.

March 28. Some Recent Construction of Wills. LESSING ROSENTHAL.

April 25. The IV Year of James I (Growth of American Common Law). N.G. MOORE.

September 26. The Laws of Piscary. HORACE K. TENNEY.

October 31. Judicial Paternalism. HOWARD L. SMITH.

November 28. Federal Chancery Appeals from Decrees, Interlocutory and Final. FRANK A. HELMER.


January 26. The Legal Right to Privacy. HORACE H. MARTIN.

March 30. Should the Costs of Litigation be Increased? CYRUS BENTLEY and JESSE HOLDOM.

April 27. The Law of Libel. AZEL F. HATCH.

September 28. Obiter Dicta. EDWARD C. RITSHER.

October 26. The Laws of Copyright. FRANK F. REED.

November 30. The Lawyer’s Duty to the State. E.A. BANCROFT.


September 17. Thirty Years After. GEN. GEORGE W. SMITH.

November 24. The Bar as Viewed from the Bench. S.P. McCONNELL.


February 25. Is Protection Unconstitutional, as Asserted by the Democratic Party in Its Last Platform? JOHN O’CONNOR.

March 25. Is a Lawyer the Keeper of His Client’s Conscience? FRANK O. LOWDEN.

April 29. A Review of Judge Joseph A. Gary’s Article on “The Chicago Anarchists of 1886.” C.S. DARROW.

November 29. The Pardoning Power. CHARLES R. WEBSTER.


September 24. The Preservation of Peace and Public Order by the Organized Military Power of the United States. WILLIAM S. DRACKETT.

October 29. The Elasticity of Our Constitution. P.S. GROSSCUP.


February 28. On Pro-rating in Attachments. GARDNER G. WILLARD.

March 28. The Transfer of Land by Registration of Title. THEODORE SHELDON.

April 25. The Disposition of Property by Will. WILLIAM BURRY.

October 31. Some Historical Aspects of Interstate Commerce. E. PARMALEE PRENTICE.


March 29. A Vital Defect of Our Jury System. SIGMUND ZEISLER.

October 25. Washington and the West. HENRY B. MASON.

November 29. The Study of the Law. JOHN BARTON PAYNE.


January 26. The Legal Aspect of Trades Unions. F.F. REED.

February 23. Patents and their Construction. GEORGE P. BARTON.

March 30. The Wisdom and Propriety of Usury Laws. WILLIAM C. NIBLACK.

April 27. A Bill of Review. CHARLES W. NEEDHAM.

September 28. The Ethics of the Profession. FREDERICK A. SMITH.

October 26. Practices in the Courts of Cook County. FREDERICK W. PACKARD.

November 30. English Law Reforms. JESSE HOLDOM.


February 25. Men as Witnesses. S.P. MCCONNELL.

March 3l. The Land Theories of Henry George E. S.C. EASTMAN.

April 28. The Law of Retaliation. HUGH L. BURNHAM.

September 29. A Foreign View of Reconstruction. CYRUS BENTLEY.


January 29. The Law and Public Opinion. I.K. BOYESEN.

February 26. Pomeroy’s Equity Jurisprudence. ULLMAN STRONG.

March 26. Education and the Ballot. ROBERT H. McMURDY.

April 28. Easements of Light, Air and Prospect. HORACE F. WHITE.

September 24. Recent Legislation in Illinois. RUSSELL H. CURTIS.

October 29. Consolidation and Class Distinction. PLINY B. SMITH.

November 26. Neglected Duties of the Bar. EDWARD O. BROWN.


January 30. Some Risks Attending Our System of Examination of Titles. ARNOLD W. ESCHENBURG.

February 27. The Multiplicity of Law Books. CLARENCE A. BURLEY.

March 27. Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers. HENRY WENDELL THOMSON.

April 24. National Corporations. RUSSELL H. CURTIS.

September 25. Eloquence. W.G. EWING.

October 30. The Business Aspect of the Profession. JAMES L. HIGH.

November 27. The Jury System of Illinois. CHARLES L. CAPEN.


January 31. Railroad Oracles. HENRY B. MASON.

April 25. The Lawyer’s Conscience. AZEL F. HATCH.

May 30. Sentiment in the Law. THOMAS DENT.

September 26. Law Making. HENRY S. BOUTELL.

November 28. Dower. JAMES B. GALLOWAY.


February 23. The Transfer of Land by Registration of Title. THEODORE SHELDON.

March 29. President Lincoln’s War Proclamations. H.H. MARTIN.

April 26. Alterations in the Eminent Domain Statute. SAMUEL A. LYNDE.

October 25. French Law in Illinois. EDWARD G. MASON.

November 29. The Attitude of Lawyers Toward Law Reform. EDWARD O. BROWN.

December 27. Some Needed Changes in the Law. JOHN P. WILSON.


April 28. The Lawyer’s Duty to the Public. THOMAS M. HOYNE.

May 25. Legal Education. S.P. McCONNELL.

June 29. The Service of the Bench and Bar to Public Morality. I.K. BOYESEN.

October 27. Constitution of the Confederate States. OWEN A. ALDIS.

December 29. Our Law Makers, the People. JUDGE T.M. COOLEY.

Legal Club Of Chicago (1910-2000)


October 13. We Can Do Better. HON. ROBERT W. GETTLEMAN (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois) Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

November 9. Discussed His New Novel – Personal Injuries. SCOTT TUROW (Author and Lawyer). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

December 8. DANIEL R. FISCHEL (Dean, The University of Chicago Law School). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.


October 7. FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE, O.M.I. Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

November 4. JOHN W. ROWE (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Unicom Corporation/ Commonwealth Edison). Joint Meeting with the Law Club.

December 8. RICHARD A. DEVINE (Cook County State’s Attorney)

February 22. WILLIAM BRODSKY (Chairman and CEO, Chicago Board of Options Exchange)

March 8. LESLIE HINDMAN. Sotheby’s.

April 7. Legal Services – What Are The Accountants Up To? JOSEPH J. TAPAJNA (Worldwide Managing Tax and Legal Practice Director, Arthur Andersen LLP). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.


October 7. Reflections on the O.J. Simpson Case. DANIEL M. PETROCELLI (Lead Trial Counsel for Fred Goldman). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

November 17. From Basketball to Hard Ball: Experience on the Court and In Court. JAMES B. BURNS (Former Chicago Bull, United States Attorney and Candidate For Illinois Governor).

December 8. Negotiating Death Cases and Basketball Contracts. TODD W. MUSBURGER (Agent for Chicago Bulls’ Coach Phil Jackson).

February 9. New Legal Business: The Deregulation of Commonwealth Edison. PAMELA STROBEL (General Counsel, Commonwealth Edison)

March 9. You Judge the Evidence: The Search For Martian and Other Extraterrestrial Life. DAVID SLAVSKY (Professor, Loyola University of Chicago).

April 13. Life Under The Wig: Real Life Experience Of An English Judge. HON. PAUL CLARK (Crown Court – Birmingham, England)

May 8. 103rd Annual Meeting. THE CHICAGO YACHT CLUB.


September 9. Corporate Responsibility: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. NORMAN ROSS (Former Vice President of Public Affairs , The First National Bank of Chicago, Radio-TV Commentator).

October 7. Major League Baseball. ANDY MACPHAIL (President and Chief Executive Officer, the Chicago Cubs)

October 22. The Answers To Your Supreme Court Questions. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

December 2. News and Ethics. CAROL MARIN (Television Journalist and NBC Channel 5 Co-Anchor).

February 10. Valuing Everything: Things I Never Expected To Do As An Economist. DON L. COURSEY (Dean, Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, The University of Chicago)

March 3. JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR (Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court). Joint Meeting with The Law Club.

April 7. The Lawyer As Chief of Staff: Life In the Fast Lane. ROGER J. KILEY, JR. (Former Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard M. Daley).

May 12. 102nd Annual Meeting. THE CHICAGO YACHT CLUB.


September 18. Legal Education in Today’s Competitive Environment. DAVID E. VAN ZANDT (Dean and Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law).

October 17. The Selection Process and His Experiences on the Supreme Court. JUSTICE STEPHEN G. BREYER (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court).

November 21. Public Housing: Tear It Down: Scatter It Around, But Has Public Policy Run Aground? GRAHAM C. GRADY (Mayer, Brown & Platt, formerly Chief Operating Officer of the Chicago Housing Authority).

December 11. Payback: The Conspiracy to Destroy Michael Milken and His Financial Revolution. DANIEL R. FISCHEL (Professor, University of Chicago and Executive Vice President of Lexecon, Inc.).

February 12. A General Counsel’s Perspective. MICHAEL J. HALLORAN (Group Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association).

March 11. Civility in the Courts and the Public View of Lawyers: Is There A Relationship? HON. MARVIN E. ASPEN (Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

April 11. Outsourcing Corporate Legal Services and Preferred Provider Arrangements – Growing Trend or Passing Fad? PATRICK J. HEAD (Vice President and General Counsel, FMC Corporation).

May 13. 101st Annual Meeting. THE CHICAGO YACHT CLUB.


September 19. Abraham Lincoln’s Chicago Law Practice. CULLOM DAVIS (Director and Senior Editor, The Lincoln Legal Papers).

October 17. White Collar Investigations: Beware of the Rocks. JULES B. KROLL (Kroll Associates).

November 21. The Media and The Law. BILL KURTIS (Television Journalist)

January 23. Juries, Corporations and Hot Coffee: The Case For Tort Reform. SHELBY YASTROW (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, McDonald’s Corporation).

February 13. Recapturing the Constitution. STEPHEN B. PRESSER (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

March 13. Solicitors, Barristers, Ladi Di and American Law. HAROLD PAISNER (Senior and Managing Partner, Paisner & Co.).

April 28. Annual Meeting and 100th Anniversary Dinner. THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO.


May 17. Is the World Male? LINDA R. HIRSCHMAN (Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law).

November 15. Ideas and Goals for the Future. JAMES B. BURNS (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

December 16. Just Solutions: A Discussion of Legal Profession and Justice System Reform. R. WILLIAM IDE III (President, American Bar Association).

February 14. Violent Crime As A Regulated Industry: The Futility of Gun Control. DANIEL D. POLSBY (Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law).

March 14. The Future of the Chancery Division. HON. ARTHUR L. DUNNE (Presiding Judge, Chancery Division, Circuit Court of Cook County).

May 16. 99th Annual Meeting. CHICAGO HISTORICAL SOCIETY.


September 21. A Report From the Federal Building. HON. JAMES B. MORAN (Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois) and FRED L. FOREMAN (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

October 19. The City of Chicago: A Lawyer’s Most Challenging Client. KELLY R. WELSH (Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago).

November 17. Casino Gambling: Good for Chicago? J. TERRENCE BRUNNER (Executive Director, Better Government Association).

December 14. Shareholder Activism After Sears, General Motors, and Westinghouse: How To Know If Your Client Is a Target, And What to Do When It Is One. NELL MINOW (Principal, Lens, Inc.).

February 8. Issues in Science, Technology and Society …. From the Origin of the Universe to the Menace of Cellular Telephones. LEON M. LEDERMAN (Ph.D., Nobel Laureate, and Former Professor of Physics at the University of Chicago and Columbia University and Former Director of Fermilab).

March 8. Property and the Rule of Law. HON. LOREN A. SMITH (Chief Judge, United States Court of Federal Claims).

April 12. “So The Banker Says to the Lawyer ….” Surviving and Competing in a Restructuring World. THOMAS C. THEOBALD (Chairman, Continental Bank Corporation).

May 17. Government, Private Practice and Then the Executive Suite: What a World of Difference. SANFORD M. LITVACK (Executive Vice President, Law and Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company and Former Assistant Attorney General, United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division).


September 16. The Civil Justice System and the Need For Reform. KENNETH W. STARR (Solicitor General, United States Department of Justice)

October 21. The Golden Age of Corporate Law. HON. ANDREW G.T. MOORE II (Justice, Supreme Court of Delaware).

November 18. Lawyers Under Siege: the Good, the Bad, the Future. DOREEN WEISENHAUS (Editor-in-Chief, The National Law Journal).

December 9. The Dalkon Shield: the Platonic Ideal and the World of Madness. H. ARVID JOHNSON (Senior Vice President and General Counsel, American National Can Co.).

February 10. Balancing the Rights and Responsibilities of the Disadvantaged in the 1990s. VINCENT LANE (Chairman, Chicago Housing Authority).

March 9. Remarks on Legal Education and the Profession. TALBOT S. D’ALEMBERTE (President, American Bar Association).



September 17. McDome and McPier: an Update. JOHN R. SCHMIDT (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and Chairman of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority).

October 22. The Board and Its Counsel: Guardians of the “Contract.” LUTHER C. McKINNEY. (Senior Vice President–Law, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary, The Quaker Oats Company).

November 19. State of the Courts and State of the Laws: Insights Into the Inside. HON. WILLIAM J. BAUER (Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit).

December 10. Reflections on a Public Career. HON. JOHN J. STAMOS (Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, 1988-1990; Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court, 1968-1988; State’s Attorney of Cook County, 1966-1968)

February 11. Some Thoughts on Civility and Litigation. HON. MARVIN E. ASPEN (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

March 11. The Rhetoric of the Law and the Rhetoric of Journalism. JACK FULLER (Editor, Chicago Tribune).

April 8. An Aspect of Professionalism–The Public Service Responsibility of a Lawyer. JOHN W. MARTIN, JR. (Vice President–General Counsel, Ford Motor Company).


September 18. An Outsider’s Look at Ethics in Washington. RICHARD J. PHELAN (Phelan, Pope & John and Special Outside Counsel to the United States House of Representatives, Committee on Official Standards (Ethics)).

October 16. The Changing Environment of Drugs in the Workplace. PETER B. BENSINGER (President, Bensinger, DuPont & Associates and Former Administrator, United States Drug Enforcement Administration).

November 18. Law School Admissions: An Inside Look at Why Law School Is So Popular. NINA S. APPEL (Dean, Loyola University School of Law).

December 11. College Sports. ANTON R. VALUKAS (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

January 29. Critical Legal Studies. DUNCAN M. KENNEDY (Professor of Law, Harvard Law School).

March 12. In the Movies. HON. JAMES B. ZAGEL (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

April 23. Universities and the Law. GERHARD CASPER (Provost and William B. Graham Distinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago).


September 19. My Years at General Motors. ELMER W. JOHNSON (Kirkland & Ellis).

October 17. Is The Practice of Law Still a Profession? DON H. REUBEN (Winston & Strawn)

November 14. The 1988 Election: Commentary, Analysis, and What the Future Holds. For the Democrats: WILLIAM M. DALEY (Mayer, Brown & Platt). For the Republicans: TYRONE C. FAHNER, (Mayer, Brown & Platt).

December 12. Representing the United States. THOMAS W. MERRILL (Deputy Solicitor General, United States Department of Justice).

February 13. Human Tissue Research: Who Owns the Results? LYNN D. FLEISHER (Sidley & Austin)

March 13. The Public Defender’s Office: Problems, Progress, and the Future. RANDOLPH N. STONE (Public Defender of Cook County).

April 10. Europe 1992: Implications for American Business. MICHAEL GRIEM (Vice President, A.T. Kearney, Inc.).


September 14. To Bork or Not To Bork. JOHN C. ROBERTS (Dean, DePaul University College of Law ) and DANIEL D. POLSBY (Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law).

October 19. The Other Side of Greylord. ROB WARDEN (Editor, Chicago Lawyer).

November 16. Original Intent and the Constitution: Why Meese and Bork Are Wrong. GEOFFREY R. STONE (Dean, University of Chicago Law School).

December 14. Reflections on Public Service. JILL WINE-BANKS (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, American Bar Association).

February 8. The Biggest Little Law Firm in Chicago. JUDSON H. MINER (Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago).

March 14. A Black Monday in October. DAVID S. RUDER (Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission).

March 25. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court). Joint Meeting with The Law Club of the City of Chicago.

April 18. Solving The Operatic Jigsaw. ARDIS KRAINIK (General Director, Lyric Opera of Chicago).


September 15. Will the America’s Cup Come to Chicago? ALAN R. JOHNSTON (Executive Director, Heart of America Challenge).

October 20. The Senate and the Federal Courts. PAUL SIMON (United States Senator).

November 27. Double, Double, Toil & Trouble, the Bubbling National Cauldron of Hazardous Waste. LAURENCE A. McHUGH (Rooks, Pitts and Poust).

December 8. White Collar Crime(?). ANTON R. VALUKAS (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

February 9. The Importance of Chicago’s Financial Institutions. CHARLES V. DOHERTY (President, Midwest Stock Exchange).

March 9. The Nicaraguan Conflict–a Litigator’s Perspective. PAUL S. REICHLER (Reichler & Applebaum).

April 20. The Future of Chicago. ELIZABETH L. HOLLANDER (Commissioner, Department of Planning, City of Chicago).


September 23. Judicial Selection in the 80’s: What Role Politics? JAMES J. ALFINI (Assistant Executive Director, American Judicature Society).

October 21. Mini-Trials and Alternative Dispute Resolution. HON. THOMAS D. LAMBROS (United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio).

November 18. Madness and the Law: Personal Reflections. JAMES L. CAVANAUGH, JR., (M.D. Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s).

December 9. In Futuro: The Outlook for the (Political) Economy. ROBERT G. DEDERICK (Executive Vice President and Chief Economist, The Northern Trust Company).

February 10. Prospects for Tax Reform in 1986. RONALD A. PEARLMAN (Bryan, Cave, McPheeters & McRoberts).

March 10. Business, Sports and Common Sense. MARK H. McCORMACK (Chairman, International Management Group).

April 15. Liability Insurance Crisis–Avenues Of Solution. JAMES CORCORAN (Superintendent of Insurance, State of New York).


September 17. The New CEO and His Counsel and Vice Versa. IRVING S. SHAPIRO (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom).

October 15. What Law Firms Are Learning From Strategic Planning. JAMES F. RABENHORST (Chairman, Law Firm Services Group, PriceWaterhouse).

November 19. A Lightning Tour Along the Frontier of Current Legal Education. STEPHEN B. PRESSER (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

December 10. Myth and Reality in Law School Admissions. RICHARD I. BADGER (Assistant Dean, University of Chicago Law School) and STEPHEN T. YANDLE (Associate Dean, Northwestern University School of Law).

February 11. New Financing Techniques in Today’s Mergers and Acquisitions Marketplace. G. CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (Managing Director, Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, Inc.)

March 11. Legal and Political Framework of the Sinai Peacekeeping Force: Multinational Force and Observers. ROBERT SLOAN (Vice President, First National Bank of Chicago).

April 8. Contemporaneous Thoughts on Professional Sports. EDDIE EINHORN (President, Chicago White Sox).


September 19. The Role of Economic Analysis for Corporate Law. DANIEL R. FISCHEL (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

October 17. Changes in Chicago’s Corporation Counsel’s Office. JAMES D. MONTGOMERY (Acting Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago).

November 21. Strategic Intelligence and Effective Security for Corporations and Law Firms. JULES B. KROLL (President and Chief Executive Officer, Kroll Associates, Inc.).

December 12. Civil Rico–Uses and Misuses. DONALD R. HARRIS (Jenner & Block).

February 13. A Retrospective Look at Chicago Politics and the Legal Profession. HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN MAROVITZ (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

March 12. Current Developments in Law Department Management. ROBERT E. BOUMA (Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Household International, Inc.).

April 9. The Law of Not-For-Profit Corporations. WILLARD L. BOYD (President, Field Museum of Natural History).


September 20. The Dramatic Change in the Practice of Law What’s Happening–What Lies Ahead. BRADFORD W. HILDEBRANDT (Bradford W. Hildebrandt & Company, Inc.).

October 18. Ethics in Government. FRED F. FIELDING (Counsel to the President of the United States).

November 15. Do Takeovers Need Public Relations? RICHARD E. CHENEY (Vice Chairman, Hill and Knowlton, Inc.)

December 13. The Struggles of the Law. HON. WILLIAM J. BAUER (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit).

February 14. Products Liability–Today and Tomorrow. MARSHALL S. SHAPO (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

March 21. Trends and Developments in the Practice of Law. STEVEN BRILL (Editor and Publisher, The American Lawyer).

April 11. Bankruptcy in the Limelight. NORMAN H. NACHMAN (Nachman Munitz & Sweig Ltd.).


September 21. Present Status and Future Implications of the Chicago Service Tax. DON S. HARNACK (McDermott Will & Emery).

October 19. South Africa’s Judicial System. HON. JOHN DIDCOTT (Supreme Court of South Africa).

November 16. Economics and the Exclusionary Rule. RICHARD A. POSNER (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).

December 14. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Its Role in the Criminal Justice System. DAN K. WEBB (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

February 8. Travels and Travails with the RTA. GEORGE A. RANNEY, JR. (Vice President, Inland Steel Company).

March 8. The Illinois Influence on the ABA Proposed Model Rules: a Parallel Development. ROBERT J. KUTAK (Kutak, Rock & Huie).

April 12. The Revolution in American Archeology: New Perspectives on Ancient Man on the North American Continent. STUART STRUEVER (Professor, Northwestern University and Director of Center for American Archeology).


September 15. Experiences Under the Ford-Carter-Byrne Administrations. DONALD H. HAIDER (Director of Public and Not-for-Profit Management Program, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University).

October 20. Problems and Progress of the Chicago Public School System. J.W. VAN GORKOM (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Trans Union Corporation, Chairman of Chicago School Finance Authority).

November 17. The Rewards of Being a Law Professor. GERHARD CASPER (Dean, University of Chicago Law School).

December 8. Hazardous Waste. TYRONE C. FAHNER (Attorney General of Illinois).

February 9. A Brief Status Report. HON. SUSAN GETZENDANNER (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

March 9. Can Society Afford the Law? RICHARD A. EPSTEIN (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).

April 13. Trends in Architecture. HELMUT JAHN (Executive Vice President, Murphy/Jahn, Architects).


September 17. The World’s Largest Circuit Court Viewed as a Corporation. HON. HARRY G. COMERFORD (Chief Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County).

October 22. The American College–Where Is It, What Is It? JAMES E.S. BAKER (American College of Trial Lawyers).

November 19. Quid Pro Quo. JOSEPH P. HANNON (General Superintendent of Schools, Chicago Public Schools).

December 17. Justice Delayed. STEPHEN A. SCHILLER (Executive Director, Chicago Crime Commission).

February 11. Barriers to Energy Development. L. BATES LEA. (Vice President and General Counsel, Standard Oil Company (Indiana)).

March 10. The ABA Judicial Evaluation Process for Federal Judges. LEONARD S. JANOFSKY (President, American Bar Association).

April 14. Theft, Ransom and Recovery of Three Cezannes. E. LAURENCE CHALMERS, JR. (President, Art Institute of Chicago).


September 18. Bakke’s Wake. PHILIP B. KURLAND (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).

October 16. Consumer Advertising in the 80’s–and the Law. GORDON G. ROTHROCK (Executive Vice President and Plans Board Chairman, Leo Burnett Company), introducing MICHAEL E. BRESLIN (Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Leo Burnett Company).

November 20. Law Enforcement: 1978. JAMES E. O’GRADY (Superintendent of Police, Chicago Police Department).

December 11. From Private Practitioner to Prosecutor. THOMAS P. SULLIVAN (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois).

January 8. The Faultless Criminal. GEORGE M. BURDITT.

February 12. What Is Going on In Investment Banking. J. IRA HARRIS (General Partner, Member Executive Committee, Salomon Brothers).

March 12. The House Judiciary Committee–a Look Back at Impeachment, a Look Ahead to This Year’s Legislative Issues. TOM RAILSBACK (United States Representative, Nineteenth District of Illinois).

April 9. The Evolving Role of Corporate Counsel. DANIEL C. SMITH (Vice President and General Counsel, FMC Corp.) and JAMES T. RHIND (Bell, Boyd, Lloyd, Haddad & Burns).


September 19. Challenges and Problems in Legal Education Today. DAVID S. RUDER (Dean, Northwestern University School Of Law).

October 17. Government Regulation Paradoxes and Politics. JOHN E. ROBSON. (G.D. Searle & Company).

November 21. Broadcasting and the First Amendment. HERBERT W. HOBLER (President, Nassau Broadcasting Company).

December 12. The Federal Judicial Center. HON. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL (Senior District Judge, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

January 16. The United States Railway Reorganization Act–Conrail. RICHARD B. OGILVIE.

February 13. Himself! The Life and Times of Mayor Richard J. Daley. EUGENE C. KENNEDY (Professor of Psychology, Loyola University).

March 13. The New Indian Land Claims: Indians on the Lawpath. JOHN C. CHRISTIE, JR.

April 10. Baseball and Other Things Too Good to Miss. BILL VEECK (President, Chicago White Sox).


September 20. JUSTICE JOHN PAUL STEVENS (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court).

October 25. Murphy’s Law, Parkinson’s Law, The Peter Principle, Mc Garr’s First Law and Beyond. RUSSELL M. BAIRD.

November 15. Lawyers and Legal Education. HON. GEORGE N. LEIGHTON (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

December 6. Senior Partner. HON. HARLINGTON WOOD, JR. (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit).

January 10. International Narcotic Traffic. BOB WIEDRICH.

February 14. Medical Malpractice: The Lawyers’ Perspective. EVERETT L. HOLLIS.

March 14. Portia’s Progress. JOAN M. HALL.

April 18. WILLIAM B. SPANN, JR. (President-Elect, American Bar Association).


September 8. The ABA and Some of its Current Problems. JUSTIN A. STANLEY (President-Elect, American Bar Association).

October 20. Riding the Circuit. JUSTICE TOM C. CLARK (Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court (Ret.)).

November 17. Can a Simple Midwestern Lawyer Find Happiness in Federal City? DAVID R. MACDONALD (Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury).

December 8. The Future of Imprisonment. NORVAL MORRIS (Dean, University of Chicago Law School).

January 12. The Media and the Law. CLAYTON KIRKPATRICK (Editor, Chicago Tribune).

February 9. Police-Judiciary Relations. JAMES M. ROCHFORD (Superintendent, Chicago Police Department).

March 8. Some Non-Bicentennial Thoughts on Judging. HON. PRENTICE H. MARSHALL (United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois).

April 12. Swings of the Pendulum. HON. WALTER V. SCHAEFER (Justice, Illinois Supreme Court.).


September 16. Was Shakespeare Right About the Lawyers? HON. WILLIAM J. BAUER


November 18. “First, Let’s Kill All the Law Professors …..” JAMES A. RAHL (Dean, Northwestern University School Of Law).

December 9. “Impeachment, Though Agonizing, Cleansed and Strengthened the Office of the Presidency.” ALBERT E. JENNER, JR.

January 13. The Fourth Revolution. ROBERT L. RACLIN.

February 10. Responsibilities of Leadership at the Bar. JAMES F. OATES, JR.

March 10. In Search of Mystics. ANDREW M. GREELEY.

April 14. Race, Class and Urbanization or Whatever Happened to the Dream? RAYMOND W. MACK (Provost, Northwestern University).


September 17. A Trial Lawyer’s View of the Watergate Witness. THOMAS A. FORAN.

October 15. The Uncertain Dollar at Home and Abroad. WILLIAM B. HUMMER.

November 19. The Energy Crisis. ROBERT C. GUNNESS.

December 10. Lawyers on Trial. JON R. WALTZ (Professor, Northwestern University School Of Law).

January 14. The Education Of A Judge. HON. HUBERT L. WILL.

February 11. “…Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” ALBERT E. JENNER, JR.

March 11. Northwestern and Big Ten Football. JOHN PONT.

April 8. Integrity in the Federal Criminal Justice System. SAMUEL K. SKINNER.


September 18. Protecting Consumers from Consumerists–A Full Employment Program for Lawyers. RUSSELL M. BAIRD.

October 16. Crime and the Federal Prosecutor. JAMES R. THOMPSON (United States Attorney for the Northern District Of Illinois).

November 20. 1972 Election: Where We Are And Where We’re Going in Cook County. DONALD PAGE MOORE.

December 11. Securities Laws and Antitrust. G. BRADFORD COOK.

January 8. How to Bag a Wildcat. JORDAN KAISER.

February 12. New Federal Rules of Evidence. HON. PHILIP W. TONE (United States District Court for the Northern District Of Illinois).


April 9. The New Supreme Court. PHILIP B. KURLAND (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).


September 20. The New Economic Program. Cure-all or Curse? GAYLORD FREEMAN.

October 18. “Why a Federal Court?” HON. J. SAM PERRY.

November 15. Today’s Students–Tomorrow’s Lawyers. PRENTICE H. MARSHALL.

December 13. Springfield: Taking Stock. HON. BRIAN B. DUFF.

January 10. Women’s Rights–Don’t Rib Eve. HON. ABNER J. MIKVA.

February 7. “Of Course, the British Court System is Better Than Ours–Or Is It?” HON. ROBERT E. ENGLISH.

March 13. Economic Problems in an Election Year. BERYL SPRINKEL.

April 10. Some Thoughts on Public Participation and the Public Interest. RONALD M. DIETRICH.


September 21. Northwestern Looks at the 70’s. ROBERT H. STROTZ (President, Northwestern University).

October 19. Some Observations of a New Judge. HON. WILBUR F. PELL, JR.

November 16. Constitution 1970: Get Off Your Apathy! PETER A. TOMEI.

January 11. The Making of a Constitution–1787. WILLIAM A. MCSWAIN.

February 8. The Judicial System on Trial. HON. FRANK J. MCGARR.

March 8. For a Better Judiciary–The Screening of Candidates for the Federal Bench. MILES G. SEELEY.


September 29. Are Clients Really Necessary. CHARLES R. SPROWL.

October 20. Public Interest and Private Lawyers. JOHN E. ROBSON.

November 10. U.S. Foreign Policies–a New Look. WILLIAM COLE.

December 8. NIPC Is No Joke. MATTHEWS L. ROCKWELL.

January 12. Public Law as a Solution to Today’s Problems. HON. WILLIAM J. SCOTT.

February 5. Baseball–1970. BOWIE K. KUHN.

March 9. Developments in the Juvenile Court. HON. WILLIAM S. WHITE.

April 13. Constitutional Convention: Twentieth or Twenty-First Century. DAWN CLARK NETSCH (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).


September 23. The Battle of Boul Mich. LT. COL. EARLE E. STRAYHORN.

October 21. Spoiling the Spoils. PERRY L. FULLER.

November 18. Illinois at the Polls. JOHN DREISKE.

December 9. The Community Legal Counsel. WILLIAM D. MARSH.

January 13. The Walker Report. DANIEL WALKER.

February 10. Untitled Topic. HON. EDWARD V. HANRAHAN.

March 10. Airport of the Future. HON. WILLIAM E. DOWNS, JR.

April 14. Tender Take-Overs. ARTHUR F. LONG.


September 18. Long Live the Lake. VINTON W. BACON.

October 16. Road Map to the Future. JAMES E. REDMOND.

November 13. Prospective Overruling. HON. THOMAS E. FAIRCHILD.

December 11. The Probate Court–The Lawyer and the Litigant. HON. ROBERT JEROME DUNNE.

January 8. Libretto by Taft-Hartley; Finale by Daley. DAGGETT HARVEY.

February 5. Return to McCormick Place. CHARLES F. MURPHY, JR., WILLIAM D. NORTH.

March 11. Percentage Depletion for Minerals–Why? RICHARD J. FARRELL.

April 8. The University Trustee–His Joys and Sorrows. EDMUND A. STEPHAN.


September 19. The Bar That Was. Edwin C. Austin.

October 17. Water, Water Everywhere–Is There a Drop to Drink? THOMAS M. THOMAS.

November 21. The Alabama and the Queen’s Advocate a Mystery of History. BRUNSON MacCHESNEY (Professor, Northwestern University School Of Law).

December 12. The Comprehensive Plan: Chicago’s Great Design. JOHN G. DUBA.

January 9. The Illinois Central Air Rights Case. ROBERT L. STERN.

February 13. Gutenberg to Donnelley. C. BOUTON MCDOUGAL.

March 13. The Challenge of Crime: Report of the President’s Commission. PHIL CALDWELL NEAL (Dean, University Of Chicago Law School).

April 5. Some Tough Questions for Lawyers. ORISON MARDEN.


September 20. Musical Chairs. MERRILL SHEPARD.

October 18. The Little Red Schoolhouse Grows Up. BENJAMIN C. WILLIS.

November 15. A New Kind of Soldier in a New Kind of War. MAJ. STANTON V. PHILLIPS (United States Army).

December 13. Who Should Regulate Banking Competition–Bank Agencies or the Department of Justice? MILES G. SEELEY.

January 10. Farewell From a Founding Father. WILLARD H. PEDRICK.

February 14. A Valentine for Lawyers. HUB LOGAN.

March 11. HON. CARL McGOWAN (United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit).

April 11. Billboards, Glass Houses and the Law. RICHARD F. BABCOCK.


September 21. Madder Than $300,000. AUSTIN L. WYMAN.

October 19. American Legal Education in Retrospect. JOHN RITCHIE (Dean, Northwestern University School of Law).

November 16. Agony Relived–The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. ALBERT E. JENNER, JR.

December 14. The Big, Big Case. HON. EDWIN A. ROBSON.

January 11. Chicago Today: an Appraisal. JAMES C. DOWNS, JR.

February 8. Can We Afford Slums? JOHN G. DUBA.

March 8. “John Goldfarb, Please Go Home.” EDMUND A. STEPHAN.

April 12. Business and Professional Men’s Interest in Politics. PAUL POWELL.


September 16. Reminiscences on Christmas Spirits. PRESSLY L. STEVENSON.

October 21. Chicago’s New Civic Center Courthouse. ROBERT W. CHRISTENSEN.

November 18. Civil Rights and Racial Unrest–a Lawyer’s Problem? DONALD L. BENEDICT.

December 9. Problems Peculiar to Airlines Cases. WALTER W. ROSS, JR.

January 13. Organized Crime, a Challenge to the Legal Profession. RICHARD B. OGILVIE.

February 10. Forty Days Under the New Judicial Article. HON. JOHN S. BOYLE.

March 9. The Future of Chicago. HERBERT V. PROCHNOW.

April 2. A Federal System of Personal Services? EDWARD R. ANNIS, M.D.


September 17. Obscenity and Censorship. THOMAS R. MULROY.

October 15. Rx for Jurisprudential Thrombosis. OWEN RALL and R. NEWTON ROOKS.

November 19. New Law in a New Europe. THOMAS L. NICHOLSON.

December 10. Summerdale Police Trial. CHARLES M. RUSH.

January 14. Reflections on an Appellate Judge. HON. JOHN S. HASTINGS.

February 11. The Law and Public Aid. ARNOLD H. MAREMONT.

March 11. Nuclear Test Ban Negotiations. JOHN F. FLOBERG.

April 8. Reapportionment and Judicial Responsibilities. PHIL CALDWELL NEAL (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).


September 18, 1961. The Compleat Reformer? MORRIS J. WEXLER.

October 16, 1961. Turbulence. ABE R. PETERSON.

November 20, 1961. Some Second Thoughts from an Editor. LAWRENCE S. FANNING.

December 11, 1961. Conflict Management (Soviet Style) and the American Lawyer. FRANK BARNETT.

January 8, 1962. Chicago Crime and the Criminal Courts. VIRGIL W. PETERSON.

February 12, 1962. The Legal Mind and Obscenity, a Literary Critique. EDWARD W. ROSENHEIM.

March 12, 1962. Some Observations on Wine. JOHN NUVEEN.

April 9, 1962. The Case Against Advertising. FAIRFAX M. CONE.


September 19, 1960. Some Sidelights on Gypsum. CRANSTON SPRAY.

October 17, 1960. Legal Education: A Ten Years’ Perspective. EDWARD H. LEVI (Dean, University of Chicago Law School).

November 21, 1960. What Ever Happened to LaSalle Street? ROBERT A. PODESTA.

December 12, 1960. Lawyers and the Uses of Language. CARL McGOWAN.

January 9, 1961. From Stratford on Avon to Blue Eye, Missouri–an Ozark Miscellany. R. NEWTON ROOKS.

February 24, 1961. HON. OTTO KERNER.

March 13, 1961. Accountants’ Relationships Not Yet Legally Tested. LEONARD P. SPACEK.

April 17, 1961. The Horse and Buggy on U.S. 66. OWEN RALL.


September 21, 1959. A Few Forward Passes in Patent Law. CHARLES L. BYRON.

October 19, 1959. Current Legislation, Litigation and Administration of Antitrust Laws. THOMAS E. SUNDERLAND.

November 16, 1959. Branch Banking: Boon or Bane? GEORGE B. ROGERS.

December 14, 1959. Fatherhood versus Chief Judging. HON. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL.

January 11, 1960. Up Yonder and Down Under. WILLARD H. PEDRICK (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

February 8, 1960. Judges and Judging. HON. WALTER V. SCHAEFER (Justice, Illinois Supreme Court).

March 14, 1960. “Doctor, Take the Stand.” JOHN W. HANNI, A.B., M.D.

April 11, 1960. Improving the Musical Tone of the Lawyer’s Cash Register. GERALD C. SNYDER.


September 15, 1958. Elizabethan Whodunit. RICHARD BENTLEY.

October 20, 1958. A Layman’s Campaign for Judicial Reform. GILBERT H. SCRIBNER, JR.

November 17, 1958. A Neighbor Looks at Law Practice: Take Home Pay and What Can Be Done About It. FREDERIC SAMMOND.

December 15, 1958. The City Council Then and Now. THOMAS E. KEANE. Alderman.

January 12, 1959. The Death of a Nation and Birth of a County. HON. STEWART G. HONECK.

February 9, 1959. Stare Indecisis. ROGER D. BRANIGIN.

March 9, 1959. “No Good Lawyer Could Decide Otherwise.” WILLARD L. KING.

April 13, 1959. The Man and the Book–A Commentary on the Commentaries. E. DOUGLAS SCHWANTES.


September 16, 1957. Recollections of a Trial Lawyer. HAROLD A. SMITH.

October 21, 1957. Please Pass the Aspirin. AUSTIN L. WYMAN.

November 18, 1957. Soliciting Barristers and Barring Solicitors–Comments on the English Legal Profession. CHARLES A. BANE.

December 16, 1957. Chicago–New World Trade Center. THOMAS H. COULTER.

January 13, 1958. Adventures in the Supreme Court of the United States. WILLIAM C. WINES.

February 10, 1958. The Life and Times of Thomas C. Browne. HON. WALTER V. SCHAEFER. Supreme Court of Illinois.

March 10, 1958. The Solicitor General’s Office and Government Litigation. ROBERT L. STERN.

April 14, 1958. Who Owns the Universe. BRUNSON MacCHESNEY (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).


September 17, 1956. Practice on the Prairie. ANAN RAYMOND.

October 15, 1956. A Jail Chaplain Speaks Out. REVEREND JAMES G. JONES.

November 19, 1956. Tell It to the Judge. HON. OTTO KERNER.

December 10, 1956. A Discussion of the Mid-East Crisis and Oil. KEITH J. FANSHIER.

January 14, 1957. Your Part in Chicago’s Financial Future. JAMES E. DAY.

February 11, 1957. The $100,000 Question. CHARLES A. BANE.

March 11, 1957. The Chief Counsel and His Place in the Internal Revenue System. JOHN POTTS BARNES.

April 8, 1957. HON. JOHN F. BOLTON (Chief Justice of the Superior Court).


September 19, 1955. The Junior Partners. JOHN D. BLACK.

October 17, 1955. The Educational Value of the Blunder. FOREST D. SIEFKIN.

November 21, 1955. A Solution of the Haymarket Murder Mystery. ERNEST B. ZEISLER.

December 12, 1955. Random Thoughts While Tending Bar. HON. ROBERT E. ENGLISH.

January 16, 1956. The Labor Scene–a Look Ahead. THEOPHIL C. KAMMHOLZ.

February 13, 1956. The Lincoln Guns–a Kentucky Episode. R. CORWINE STEVENSON.

March 12, 1956. Babes, Bitches & Baseballs. KENNETH B. HAWKINS.

April 9, 1956. Reflections in the Rear View Mirror. PERCY B. ECKHART.


September 20, 1954. Namtual (A New Sedative). HERBERT M. LAUTMANN.

October 18, 1954. The Blue Ballot–Frustration or Fulfillment? SAMUEL W. WITWER, JR.

November 15, 1954. Backaches And Headaches. RALPH B. CLOWARD, M.D.

December 13, 1954. Urban Renewal: a Panacea or Silk Purses from Sows’ Ears. JULIAN H. LEVI.

January 10, 1955. Personal Observations on the Decision Making Process in Washington. GLEN A. LLOYD.

February 14, 1955. Etah and Beyond–an Arctic Expedition. WILLIAM A. THOMAS, M.D.

March 14, 1955. Cheaper by the Dozen vs. Robinson-Patman. CHARLES R. SPROWL.

April 11, 1955. Problems of the Family Court and Probate Court. HON. ROBERT JEROME DUNNE.


September 21, 1953. David Davis’s Early Years in Illinois. WILLARD L. KING.

November 16, 1953. Amateurs and Politics. STEPHEN A. MITCHELL.

December 14, 1953. Touring Europe with Nine Alexanders and No Martinis. WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER.

January 11, 1954. Lawyers Versus Creative Genius. JAMES M. BEST.

February 8, 1954. Advice to the Condemned. FRANK S. RIGHEIMER, JR.

March 8, 1954. The Lawyer in Politics. BENJAMIN S. ADAMOWSKI.

April 12, 1954. Federal Securities Legislation. J. SINCLAIR ARMSTRONG.


September 15, 1952. Literature and/of the Law. JOHN R. HEATH.

October 20, 1952. Business in the Defense Department in an Election Year. WILLIAM L. CARY (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law)

November 17, 1952. State vs. Federal Business Regulation. J. EDWARD DAY.

December 15, 1952. Arbitration and the Institution of Law. SOIA MENTSCHIKOFF.

January 12, 1953. Politicship: or How to Lose Skilfully. RICHARD F. BABCOCK.

February 9, 1953. Chicago–Its Problems and Its Future. JAMES C. DOWNS, JR.

March 9, 1953. The Coming of Retirement Benefits for Lawyers. JOHN R. NICHOLSON.

April 13, 1953. The Robinson-Patman Act the Wrong-Way Corrigan of the Antitrust Laws. THOMAS E. SUNDERLAND.


September 17, 1951. The Trial of William Orpet. KENNETH B. HAWKINS.

October 15, 1951. It May Be a Jewel But–. AUSTIN L. WYMAN.

November 19, 1951. Some Aspects of the Japanese Peace Treaty. MERRILL SHEPARD.

December 10, 1951. Reminiscences. EDWARD EAGLE BROWN, CHARLES Y. FREEMAN.

January 14, 1952. Courtroom Impressions and Experiences from a Physician’s Viewpoint. DAVID J. FANNING, M.D.

February 11, 1952. Highlights of a Lincoln Collection. ROGER W. BARRETT.

March 10, 1952. P.I. Lawsuits–The Plaintiffs’ Side. JAMES A. DOOLEY.

April 14, 1952. Monopoly and Mobilization. G.E. HALE.


September 11, 1950. Libel. THOMAS L. MARSHALL.

October 16, 1950. Dynamiting the Judicial Jam. ALBERT E. JENNER, JR.

November 20, 1950. Pensions and the Welfare State. DORRANCE C. BRONSON.

December 18, 1950. Current Problems in Higher Education. VIRGIL M. HANCHER.

January 8, 1951. Cooperative Corporations. KARL D. LOOS.

February 5, 1951. The Milk Problem–One Aspect. THOMAS B. GILMORE.

March 12, 1951. What Can the Law Schools Do? EDWARD H. LEVI (Dean, University of Chicago Law School).

April 9, 1951. Trial Procedure in Antitrust Cases. CHARLES M. PRICE.


September 19, 1949. Represented in the General Assembly. WALTER V. SCHAEFER (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

October 17, 1949. Guilty by Accusation. LAIRD BELL.

November 21, 1949. Reminiscences and Reflections. JOHN S. LORD.

December 19, 1949. The Railroads Refight the War. D. ROBERT THOMAS, JR.

January 9, 1950. Today’s Status of Requirements Contracts. A. LESLIE HODSON.

February 24, 1950. What Faces the Legal Profession? HAROLD J. GALLAGHER.

March 13, 1950. Chicago Transit in the Years of Plenty. THOMAS C. STRACHAN, JR.

April 10, 1950. Law and Coal. W. WILLARD WIRTZ (Professor, Northwestern University School Of Law).


September 20, 1948. Germany 1948. ORVILLE J. TAYLOR.

October 18, 1948. Some of the Practical Problems in the Defense of Antitrust Cases. EDWARD R. JOHNSON.

November 15, 1948. The Domestic Tranquility. HAROLD C. HAVIGHURST (Dean, Northwestern University School of Law).

December 13, 1948. Personalities and Practice in the United States Supreme Court Today. WILLIAM C. WINES.

January 10, 1949. The Course of Railway Labor Legislation. DANIEL P. LOOMIS.

February 14, 1949. The Lawyer in Business. JAMES F. OATES, JR.

March 25, 1949. Clerk of the Works. THE L & L CLUB PLAYERS.

April 25, 1949. Rummaging Through the Bureau. CASPER W. OOMS.


September 22, 1947. The Taft-Hartley Act. DANIEL D. CARMELL and GEORGE B. CHRISTENSEN.

October 20, 1947. Juvenile Delinquency. HON. WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL.

November 17, 1947. What I Have Learned in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. OTTO KERNER, JR.

December 15, 1947. Untying the Tie That Binds. HON. EDWIN A. ROBSON.

January 12, 1948. Observations on the Marshall Plan. BRUNSON MACCHESNEY (Professor, Northwestern University School of Law).

February 9, 1948. God and the Supreme Court. OWEN RALL.

March 8, 1948. The Technical and Social Aspects of Atomic Energy. HAROLD C. UREY.

April 12, 1948. How the Law of Commercial Paper Got Started. WILLIAM E. BRITTON.


September 16, 1946. Behind the Scenes in Washington During the Railroad Strike. WILLIAM T. FARICY.

October 14, 1946. Random Reflections of a Bureaucrat. ROBERT W. WALES.

November 18, 1946. Cross-Examination–for Adults Only. FRANCIS X. BUSCH.

December 16, 1946. The United States and England– Superficially Different, Fundamentally Alike.
FRANKLIN BLISS SNYDER (President, Northwestern University).

January 13, 1947. In Defense of Dr. Crippen. THOMAS C. MCCONNELL.

February 10, 1947. Labor, Management, and the Public Interest. VICTOR REUTHER.

March 10, 1947. Remarks on Education. GEORGE D. STODDARD.

April 14, 1947. The Last Clear Chance for Democratic Capitalism. GEORGE W BALL.


September 17, 1945. A Connecticut Yankee in the Patent Office. CASPER W. OOMS (Commissioner Of Patents).

October 15, 1945. County Finance. WILLIAM J. TUOHY (Cook County State’s Attorney).

November 19, 1945. Combat Counsel to the Air Generals. COL. W. BARTON LEACH (Chief, Operations Analysis, Army Air Forces (Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, on leave)).

December 17, 1945. Some Phases of our Economy. FRANK C. RATHJE.

January 21, 1946. Some Notes on Words and Music. R. CORWINE STEVENSON.

February 18, 1946. Legislating for an Ex-Enemy. LAIRD BELL.

March 18, 1946. Our Modern Machiavellians. STUART S. BALL.

April 15, 1946. A Trustee’s Reminiscences. ROY C. OSGOOD.


September 18, 1944. The Air Transport Command as Seen by One of its Lawyers. LT. COL. KENNETH F. MONTGOMERY (Headquarters, Air Transport Command).

October 16, 1944. The Proposed Bank for Reconstruction and Development. EDWARD E. BROWN.

November 20, 1944. The Navy’s Job in the Pacific. REAR ADM. ARTHUR S. CARPENDER (United States Navy).

December 4, 1944. The Administration of Justice in the Naval Service. COL. CHESTER L. FORDNEY (United States Marine Corps).

January 15, 1945. G.I. Joe Returns to School. FRED D. FAGG, JR. (Dean of Faculties, Northwestern University).

February 19, 1945. Bacteria in 321 U.S. WILLIAM H. KING, JR.

March 19, 1945. From Chungking to Chicago. KENNETH BUMSTEAD (British Counsel).

April 16, 1945. The Troublesome Question of Habeas Corpus. HON. OTTO KERNER.


September 20, 1943. Chance or the Cane You Bring is the Cane You Get. STEPHEN E. HURLEY.

October 18, 1943. War on a Global Scale. MAJ. GEN. JAMES A. ULIO (Adjutant General of the Army).

November 15, 1943. The Evil That Men Do. THOMAS H. BEACOM, JR.

December 6, 1943. Reminiscences of the Bench and Bar. FRANCIS X. BUSCH.

January 10, 1944. Inflationary Curbs. W.M. MCFARLAND.

February 14, 1944. Political Influences in the Selection of Federal Judges. HON. EVAN A. EVANS.

March 13, 1944. “Liberated” Italy. ADLAI STEVENSON (Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy).

April 10, 1944. Capital, Labor and Everyone vs. Stabilization. HON. ELWYN R. SHAW.


September 21, 1942. Lawyers in War Time. JOHN D. BLACK.

October 19, 1942. The Milwaukee We Have With Us Always. WILLIAM A. McSWAIN.

November 10, 1942. United States Navy Aviation Training in this War. COMMANDER G.A.T. WASHBURN (United States Navy).

December 21, 1942. A Famous Feud Out of the Law Reports. OWEN RALL.

January 18, 1943. The Shape of Laws to Come. BENJAMIN WHAM.

February 15, 1943. The Attributes Of Law. MORTIMER J. ADLER.

March 15, 1943. Wholesale Death in the Chicago River–The Legal Mind Interprets the Eastland Disaster. EDWIN C. AUSTIN.

April 12, 1943. Luck and Witless Virtue vs. Guile, in Which an English Clergyman Proves the Nemesis of John (Jake the Barber) Factor, alias J. Wise, alias H. Guest. THOMAS C. MCCONNELL.


September 22, 1941. Advertising–As a Lawyer Sees It. JAMES M. BEST.

October 20, 1941. Some Observations Upon the Trial of Law Suits. ERWIN W. ROEMER.

November 17, 1941. As Others See Us. WILLIAM WARFIELD III.

December 22, 1941. Biting the Hand That Feeds Him. AUSTIN WYMAN.

January 30, 1942. Debate with The Law Club of the City of Chicago–RESOLVED, That Rule 58 of the Supreme Court of Illinois be amended to provide that when an attorney reaches the age of fifty years, his license to practice law shall terminate. Speakers for Legal Club of Chicago: CHARLES S. CONNELL, ARTHUR J. SULLIVAN, THOMAS H. BEACOM, JR.

February 16, 1942. The Associated Press. EMORY THOMASON.

March 9, 1942. God’s Country or the Extra Legal Experiences of a Montana Lawyer. EARLE ASTOR SCHILTON.

April 13, 1942. The Chicago Ordnance District. JAMES F. OATES, JR., LT. COL. BARRETT ROGERS, CAPT. LAWRENCE WARNER.


September 16, 1940. Nonchalance, or How to Treat a Crisis. STEPHEN E. HURLEY.

October 21, 1940. Democracy as a Function. STUART S. BALL.

November 18, 1940. Design for Living. HOLMAN D. PETTIBONE.

December 23, 1940. Everybody’s Business. ERNEST PALMER.

January 13, 1941. And Descant on Mine Own Deformity. Richard the Third, Scene I, Line 29. WILLIAM H. KING, JR.

February 10, 1941. Propaganda a Hundred Years Ago. FRANKLIN BLISS SNYDER (President, Northwestern University).

March 17, 1941. Defense Contracts. JOHN W. KEARNS.

April 28, 1941. The Supreme Court and Federal Taxes. EDWARD H. McDERMOTT.


September 25, 1939. Europe at War: The Position of the United States. QUINCY WRIGHT.

October 16, 1939. The Cameras Catch of North American Wild Animals. TAPPAN GREGORY.

November 20, 1939. The Background of a Great Justice. KENNETH B. HAWKINS.

December 11, 1939. Peculiarities of Patent Practice. FRANK PARKER DAVIS.

January 8, 1940. Remedies of Holders of Foreign Bonds. FRANK J. MADDEN.

February 5, 1940. Between the Lines of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939. HAROLD V. AMBERG.

March 18, 1940. American and English Decisions. CHARLES P. MEGAN.

April 8, 1940. Wings Over America. PAUL GODEHN.


September 26, 1938. Dodging the Junk Pile. WALTER T. FISHER.

October 17, 1938. Chapter X of the Chandler Act. BENJAMIN WHAM.

November 21, 1938. Some Nonjudicial Observations of a Judge. HON. WALTER E. TREANOR.

December 9, 1938. The City Manager Plan. WALTER F. DODD.

January 9, 1939. Motion Pictures as Evidence. ABE R. PETERSON.

February 13, 1939. Tax Avoidance and the Simple Income Tax Law. GEORGE W. BALL.

March 20, 1939. Certain Problems of Administrative Bodies as They Affect the Practicing Lawyer. CHESTER T. LANE.

April 17, 1939. Contemplation of Death Under the Federal Estate Tax Law. BOWEN E. SCHUMACHER.


September 20, 1937. Rambles in Legal London. FRANKLIN E. VAUGHAN.

October 18, 1937. The Soviet Constitution–Its Past, Present and Future (if any). ROBERT N. GOLDING.

November 15, 1937. State Fair Trade Acts–The Latest Answer to Price-Cutting. JAMES H. ROGERS.

December 20, 1937. A Forgotten Governor. HON. WILLIAM H. HOLLY.

January 17, 1938. Interstate Commerce and State Taxation. JOHN POTTS BARNES.

February 14, 1938. The Rhode Island Race Track Row. PHILIP H. SCHOFIELD.

March 14, 1938. The South Chicago Steel Strike Disorder. MALCOLM SHARP. Professor, University of Chicago Law School.

April 11, 1938. Syphilis and the Law. JOSEF L. HEKTOEN.


September 21, 1936. Are Our Federal Antitrust Laws Outmoded? EDWARD R. JOHNSTON.

October 19, 1936. A Saga Of The Southwest. JOHN J. YOWELL.

November 16, 1936. The Chandler Bill and its Effect upon Sections 74 and 77-B of the Bankruptcy Act. CHARLES TRUE ADAMS (United States Referee in Bankruptcy)

December 14, 1936. A New Deal Experiment in the Field of Labor Relations. ERNEST S. BALLARD.

January 11, 1937. Discretionary Review by the Supreme Courts of the United States and of Illinois. ROBERT W. WALES.

February 8, 1937. The Police Work of a Big City–Some First Hand Comments. E.W. PUTTKAMMER (Professor, University Of Chicago Law School)

March 8, 1937. Do the Printing and Stationery Industries Control our Securities Commissioners. JOHN W. KEARNS.

April 12, 1937. The Robinson-Patman Act–Defending Against Charges of its Violation. JOHN T. CHADWELL.


September 23, 1935. A Strange Episode In My Law Practice. Henry G. Miller (Read by RUSSELL WHITMAN).

October 21, 1935. The Administrative and Judicial Review of Valuation in Illinois Tax Cases. ROBERT S. CUSHMAN.

November 18, 1935. Indenture to the Public Service. ALLAN HEALY.

December 9, 1935. An Unwritten Biography–William Blackstone. HOMER H. COOPER.

January 13, 1936. Minority Bondholders in Reorganizations in Equity or Foreclosure Proceedings. WILBER G. KATZ (Professor, University of Chicago Law School).

February 17, 1936. Snap Shots of a District Attorney’s Office. DWIGHT P. GREEN.

March 16, 1936. Some Observations With Respect To Present Day Financing. LOUIS S. HARDIN.

April 13, 1936. Legal Aspects of Federal Competition in the Power Industry. GEORGE RAGLAND.


September 24, 1934. State Protection of Local Industries. SAMUEL ADAMS.

October 15, 1934. The Peerless Advocate (Lord Erskine). JOHN POTTS BARNES.

November 19, 1934. Some Aspects of Section 77b of the Bankruptcy Act. ARTHUR D. WELTON, JR.

December 10, 1934. A Legal Style Show. ARCHIBALD CATTELL.

January 18, 1935. Government in Reverse Gear. LOUIS G. CALDWELL.

February 11, 1935. Agriculture–Alcohol–Administration. ADLAI E. STEVENSON.

March 11, 1935. A Bar Association Secretary Reminisces. CLARENCE P. DENNING.

April 8, 1935. Liquidation of Character. WILLIAM H. KING, JR.


March 5, 1934. No Lawyers Wanted. GEORGE ALLEN MASON, JR.

April 2, 1934. Life Insurance Reorganization. DAVID A. WATTS.


January 9, 1933. Consent Receiverships In The Federal Court. BENJAMIN WHAM.

March 13, 1933. The English Courts Of Pie Powder, Having Some Reference To Enormities And Corruptions Therein. THOMAS C. STRACHAN, JR.

April 17, 1933. Life At Dear Old St. Swithin’s. JOHN R. HEATH.


October 19, 1931. The Real Captain Williams. JOHN R. MONTGOMERY.

December 7, 1931. Stopping Payment On Stolen Securities. EDWARD M. BULLARD.

January 11, 1932. The Investigation Of An Income Tax Case. DWIGHT P. GREEN. Assistant United States District Attorney.

April 11, 1932. Railroading For Fun. R. CORWINE STEVENSON.


November 10, 1930. Professions Incorporated. HOLMAN D. PETTIBONE.

February 6, 1931. Proposed New Corporation Law. DWIGHT P. GREEN


October 14, 1929. Probate Court Miscellanies. HON. HENRY HORNER. Judge of the Probate Court, Cook County.

November 4, 1929. Some Aspects Of Modern Corporate Financing. HARRY B. HURD.

November 25, 1929. The Relation Between the United States and Cuba. COL. NOBLE BRANDON JUDAH.

December 16, 1929. The Study of Law at Oxford. VIRGIL M. HANCHER.

January 13, 1930. The World Court and the United States. JAMES J. FORSTALL.

February 3, 1930. The Minnesota Gag Law. WEYMOUTH KIRKLAND.

February 24, 1930. Legal Problems Connected with the Recent Stock Market Crash. S. ASHLEY GUTHRIE.

March 17, 1930. Our Archaic Criminal Procedure. JOHN H.S. LEE.

April 7, 1930. Some Problems of the Judicial Advisory Council. AMOS C. MILLER.

April 28, 1930. The Changing Border Lines of Inheritance Taxation. HUGH W. McCULLOCH.


March 11, 1929. Anomalies In The Plan Of Federal Tax Determination And Collection. FOREST D. SIEFKIN (United States Board of Tax Appeals).


April 26, 1926. Disparagement Of Property. BENJAMIN WHAM.


October 10, 1921. Personal Reminiscences. JOHN P. WILSON.

October 24, 1921. W.H. KING, JR.

November 7, 1921. ROBERT GOLDING.

November 21, 1921. ALBERT M. KALES.

December 12, 1921. EDWARD C. AUSTIN.

January 9, 1922. JOSEPH B. FLEMING.

January 23, 1922. SAMUEL ADAMS.

February 6, 1922. WHEATON AUGUR.

February 20, 1922. WILLIAM P. SIDLEY.

March 6, 1922. WALTER UNDERWOOD.

March 20, 1922. NOBLE B. JUDAH, JR.

April 3, 1922. HENRY P. CHANDLER.

April 17, 1922. JAMES C. JEFFERY.

May 15, 1922. HARRY A. BIGELOW.


November 15, 1920. Legal Problems Of Aviation. WILLIAM P. MACCRACKEN, JR.


November 25, 1918. A Sketch Of The Legal Aspects Of The Michigan Avenue Widening Case. EUGENE H. DUPEE.

December 16, 1918. Open Diplomacy. HENRY P. CHANDLER.


October 16, 1916. Inquisition by a Board of Examiners into the qualifications of the members to remain such. Board consisted of: PRESTON KUMLER, CHAIRMAN, EDWARD E. BROWN, PERCY B. DAVIS, PARKER H. HOAG, S.E. THOMASON.

January 8, 1917. Trust Estates As Business Companies. ORVILLE J. TAYLOR, JR.

May 7, 1917. Special meeting at which DONALD M. RYERSON explained to the Club the organization known as Four Minute Men.


February 3, 1913. Holding Companies In Illinois Law. WILLIAM B. HALE.


April 10, 1911. Ante-Nuptial Contracts In Illinois. COL. NOBLE B. JUDAH.